August 2, 2021

The Editor Speaks: Why this story has made me furious

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Colin Wilson2webA story appeared in the Cayman Compass on February 24th but has only just come to my attention.

The story, written by Charles Duncan, under a headline, “’Catch me if you can’ dumper is caught” (SOURCE:–dumper-is-caught/) was about a contractor who illegally dumped a load of debris on a North Side beach, left a sign stating: “Catch me if you can” and then got caught.

The arrogance of the person leaves me so angry and, even though he was caught his name has not been disclosed, and because he cleaned up his mess after being confronted with his crime no criminal action will be taken against him!

The article goes on to quote Adrian Seales of the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service, who said “the incident would violate the littering law and could also be considered trespassing. But police enforcement would depend on someone actually witnessing the littering – otherwise, it’s up to the Department of Environmental Health to enforce the laws.”

Seales also added that since 2011 the police department has [only] prosecuted three people for violating the littering law.

Just THREE people in over three years!

Have you seen the piles of litter being dumped all over the islands and even on our beauty spots?

Not only is dumping garbage unsightly the accumulation of rotten, decaying rubbish attracts rats and other disease-carrying creatures. Dumping hazardous waste puts people’s health at risk and can harm the environment. As it would seem it is tolerated here, it sends a message to violators that it is allowable to dump garbage in your neighborhood or community with little or no fear of prosecution.

Even if you get caught you won’t get reported. Just remove it and dump it somewhere else.

My wife regularly takes her dog for a walk up to the North Sound and has reported she has seen TVs and computers; furniture; paints, solvents and other potentially hazardous liquids; tires; garbage, yard waste, and construction debris dumped.

And someone thinks it is funny and can boast about it.

Name the perpetrator. Shame him. Then members of the public can place signs all around his house – “Here lives the boastful garbage dumper – catch US if you can”.

I hope he gets furious. I still am!

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