October 1, 2020

The Editor speaks: When will they ever learn? They won’t!!


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Colin Wilson

You can preach as much as you like that you must act with responsibility, but unless you impose it by some form of force there will always be the elements that won’t. They believe they have their right to act as they please.

If it is their believed right to give themselves the poison so be it. Enjoy it. However when they can infect dozens and dozens of other people they must be stopped.

In the USA, where it is obvious to the onlookers the poison that is once again hitting thousands there, is mainly due to the thousands and thousands of people who walked the “Black Lives Matter” marches, because the majority were not wearing masks and no social distancing anywhere. The US media blame it on president Trump and I suppose here we can blame it on our premier, Alden McLaughlin, if the poison starts making its comeback here.

Will people learn that you must wear masks and you must observe social distancing, washing hands, etc. from what is happening in the USA and the world at large?

Some will. Mainly the older folks. The below forty brigade, and it increases as that age gets nearer teen time, won’t.

It seemed incredulous to me that the churches that comprise mainly young children and the above forty brigade, have been allowed to open with very strict protocols. Hands sprayed before entering and departing the church. Wearing a mask the whole time you are there. Social distancing and singing kept to a minimum. Only members of the same household can sit together. Six feet apart otherwise. Some churches have even implemented a pre-roll call so they know the numbers who are going to attend.

Monies collected in different boxes/tins in different locations so persons don’t rub up against one another. No shaking of hands and no meet and greets outside. Go to your cars and drive away or walk straight home.

The bar personna, composed of mainly the forty to twenty-one and the more alcohol you drink, the more rules and regulations get lost in your now dulled minds, were told to social distance and no more than six sitting per table. No masks required unless you actually went into the bar.

Our premier , nearly a week ago said people had to take responsibility for what they were doing and dismissed the idea of police going into bars (and restaurants) to measure how far apart people were.

No surprise to me, but it seems a huge surprise to our premier, at the Press Briefing last Friday he had to admit people will not learn. He said, “There have been numerous reports and complaints, in particular about the local bars and several other ‘hot spots’ on the Seven Mile Beach. It would seem that these establishments are under the impression that Curfew Time approval exempted them from adhering to all laws, including the Public Health Law.”

So now the owners of the bars and restaurants have been warned they must be more vigilant and enforce the rules otherwise they could face their licences being revoked.

As can be seen by what is happening everywhere, the younger you are the more you drink; the more rights you want to protect; and the more ‘black lives that matter’ movements and similar you want to go and march on. However, you must learn to be responsible.

Unfortunately, you must go to church where there are far more regulations in place and where there are a larger majority of older people, where you can find people that have learn’t to act responsible.

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  1. I don’t understand your last sentence. You do not have to go to church. Why is it unfortunate? Thank you.

    • ieyenews says

      Sorry you are confused. I am trying to say that it is unfortunate that you have to go to church to see people acting responsible. And that is the very place our leaders have imposed the more stringent regulations. I don’t understand why. It makes little sense to me


  2. I agree with comment re. different regulations for different folks (church/ bars).

    I’m somewhat puzzled as to why you single out Black Lives matter protests but nary a mention of beach frenzy (which started earlier and is still continuing according to the media) and nary a mention about ‘no-mask’ politicians who started the resistance. Please note I have carefully avoided adjectives of colour since it seems to me that lack of common sense, like the virus, knows neither colour, class nor creed.

    • ieyenews says

      I didn’t meant to single it out from the others except there were more people in the protests. if it had been hunger strike marches I would have done the same. Those marches had the same amount of people but I agree with everything you said.

    • ieyenews says

      See above for my comment. And yes yes yes – the virus does not distinguish between race, colour or creed. Thank you for your comments.

  3. Re. my comment on the above article please read https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-53258792 Published today July 2nd.

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