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The Editor Speaks: When we bring Big Brother on ourselves

I have an instant hate of the ‘Big Brother Is Watching You’ that governments around the world have been installing.

From cameras placed outside watching our every movement and cameras house owners/business owners actually themselves install inside their dwellings/places of business, all for security concerns.

Governments justify their use as it is for our own protection when in fact it is being used for quite a different purpose.

I was very angry when our government here introduced the electronic monitoring devices to be used on Cayman’s roads by way of their new licence plates.

The electronic licensing system notifies the DVDL immediately, via use of the radio antenna transmitters, if a vehicle is being operated without insurance or registration.

I was staggered to learn that last year DVDL records indicated that more than 74,000 vehicles were on the department register in mid-2015 and more than 63,500 drivers’ licenses were recorded. Of the more than 74,000 vehicle registrations, just more than half related to vehicles with expired tags or those for which the department had no licensing details at all! (Source: Compass:

It would appear these new licence plates are not very welcome as there are thousands of the new license plates remaining at the DVDL facility on Crewe Road awaiting retrieval by vehicle owners.

I have to admit it is a tedious job having to take your old plates off and refit the new ones in their place, especially if you don’t have the tools and elderly. Before you do that you have to wait in line at the DVDL and that in itself can take hours. I know from first hand experience.

Just over 115 years ago, the author of the novel “Nineteen Eighty-Four”, where “Big Brother” was born. George Orwell. I wonder what he would think about it today? He wrote it nearly seventy years ago!

In 1999 the Big Brother reality TV game show first took the Netherlands by storm and is now a staple diet in many other countries including USA and the UK.

We have made ourselves slaves because we don’t follow the rules. Rules that were originally made to protect us.

The DVDL have to find the missing money as the government cannot run without money. There are always those that want something for nothing and the law abiders have to pay the price.

We are all slaves to money and now ever increasing slaves to Big Brother.


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