March 6, 2021

The Editor Speaks: There is an exception to every rule

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A rule I have made and is universally normally followed, rarely do other media houses comment on another’s Editorial.

I normally avoid our local media houses editorials like the plague. I do NOT read them.

However, there are exceptions. I can remember two occasions where I actually read the Cayman Compass Editorials because I was directed to them and I did comment on them.

This is the third.

I have been directed to it because it is the subject of a Press Release from Cheryll M. Richards Q.C.
Director of Public Prosecutions. It is published in iNews Cayman today under the heading “Director of Cayman Islands Public Prosecutions hits back at Cayman Compass Editorial”.

It refers to the Compass Editorial Ms Richards says was published on September 11th 2017. When I went to the Compass the Editorial for that date had absolutely nothing to do with the subject matter she was complaining about. Upon further investigation I found it and didn’t have to look . It was published the day before on the 10th and is titled “EDITORIAL – ‘Snail bail’ justice: ‘Foots’ and the sugar glider By Editorial Board -September 10, 2017”.

The direct web link to it is:

The Editorial and Ms Richards Press Release concerns the length of time it is taking for charges to be taken against Jimel McLean (linked to the smuggling of a “sugar glider” and other exotic animals) and Ronald “Foots” Kynes (linked to possible “obscene publications”).

The Compass claims “Last week’s extensions marked the fourth time police bail has been extended for Mr. McLean (this time until Oct. 4) and the second extension for Mr. Kynes (this time until Oct. 16)”.

I have to agree with the Compass, especially with Jimel McLean’s case. Especially as Jimel is the son of a prominent MLA.

“Foots” case I have already spoken about and the continued vandalism and trespassing going on on his property regarding his works of art. The fact that no one has been arrested on suspicion of committing the various offences also I have mentioned.

Ms. Richards takes issue firstly with the Compass saying, “We do not appear to have received a single inquiry from the Cayman Compass in relation to the two investigations referred to in this editorial. Given the public interest in these matters, it is regrettable that an editorial was published, which not only made certain assumptions but appears to have invited speculation in this regard, without any such inquiry first being made.”

Actually speculation was being made BEFORE the Compass editorial was published. They did NOT invite it.

This is not the first time the Compass has been in trouble with the Director of PP – see

It is not the first time the Compass have commented on the time it is taking for prosecutions to come to court, largely at the prodding of local attorney Peter Polack who himself has written to the Compass.


And also see Polack’s letter published on Cayman News Service at:

I finally refer you to the UK Government’s “Report of Criminal Justice Advisor Cayman Islands
January – April 2015” at:

As I started this Editorial ‘There is an exception to rule”.

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  1. David Williams says

    I don’t suppose the DPP would care to explain why the case file relating to allegations against Operation Tempura’s former SIO, Martin Bridger, is still sitting somewhere in her office roughly a year after it was handed over by RCIPS? We have been promised this would soon be concluded at least three times (the last deadline having passed at the end of August) but don’t seem to be getting anywhere nearer a decision.

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