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The Editor Speaks: The worst storms makes even worse reporting

Listening and watching the reporting of the latest Atlantic and Pacific storms I was shocked at some of the reporting.

It was with almost glee in the voices of some of the reporters on US television channels as they foretold the coming doom in store for residents in the US Carolinas from Hurricane Florence and the people in the Philippines’ Luzon Island from Typhoon Mangkhut.

You could even hear the disappointment in their voices when Florence did not do as predicted – become a Cat 5 hurricane but downgraded to a Cat 1. It was not now going to break any records.

They then picked on the fact that Florence was really huge and it was still a dangerous storm.

What was almost laughable, except it was nauseous, was watching a reporter in Wilmingon, last Friday (14) dressed in a raincoat complete with hood, legs apart, body and head slanted to one side, as he struggled heroically against the elements, to give us a report of the terrible conditions.

Wow. Wasn’t he going beyond the point of duty to give us this live update?


Also in the camera shot that was clear with the cameraman not having to repeatedly wipe the lens from driving rain as other places, there were persons strolling upright as if they were going for a walk in the park. Cars were driving past with no spray jetting up into air from the storm water.

However, our fearless reporter continued his act as if he was appearing at The Prospect Playhouse in “A Port in a Storm”. Yes I know the CDS haven’t staged that drama yet but if they do find this reporter.

With Florence making the headlines Typhoon Mangkhut only got a passing mention, except for the BBC and the international version of CNN.

The US networks, with their World News, didn’t think it was even worth a mention.

Nearer home, even though the National Hurricane Center was predicting Tropical Storm Isaac was going to dissipate in the Caribbean Sea as the majority and more dependable models were saying, one of the US Weather mediums picked on the few that said the opposite. Its headline said it ‘could’ become a hurricane after it passed Jamaica. That prompted us to lead with it as we shouldn’t become too complacent.

Actually, the predictions of strength and direction the storms were going have been below par this year, even though there was much heralding at the beginning of this year of more accurate predictions with their new weather/storms technology.

How did they forget to tell the storms they had this new weapon and they had to behave?

I am not bemoaning things, so far, haven’t reached the worst as reported. Not that I’m joining US President Donald Trump in blaming Democrats for blowing up the reporting numbers and the unreported great job he has done in making the US storms bearable.

That would be even worse.


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