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The Editor Speaks: Day the rains came down

Yesterday (Sun 26), was one of the worst days I have ever driven in the rain.

It was dark and getting darker, just before 6PM and as my wife and I got into the car the heavens opened and the rain came down and down and down.

We were originally going to the “Singing Christmas Tree” in George Town but as that was an outside event and it had been raining gently most of the day that was ruled out. Neither of us fancied sitting on a wet hard seat for nearly three hours.

The second venue was nearer home, Savannah United Church where they were having a musical evening to celebrate The Women’s Fellowship in the Cayman Islands United Churches. They were expecting a lot of people.

As it was an inside event we thought this would be a dry alternative to the Singing Tree.

Just to set the record straight I am NOT a member of the Women’s Fellowship! I was the chauffeur. Joan is a member and she likes to go to church on a Sunday Evening.

There were, however, the two problems in finding the church and staying dry. Neither were very successful.

I have only been to Savannah United Church twice and each time it was during the day. Plus both times, it wasn’t raining!

I knew we had to cross the Bodden Town Road and that was the first problem.

As we approached the junction by Countryside a police car passed slowly by going towards George Town. This was followed by a procession of cars travelling at the same speed. Cars. Cars. More cars. Even More Cars.

Joan cried out, “There’s a break!”

I went for it. I made it. Just before, Joan had told me to inch across the road and someone should stop for me.

That would have been OK if someone could actually see me. Visibility was almost nil. I didn’t chance it. Twice before, when Joan was on her way to church, she had had an accident. Going to church didn’t seem to make any difference to God’s plan.

We were on our way now and I asked Joan which direction? “Turn right here,” she said. “I think it’s the turning”.

It wasn’t.

On we drove. Smooth roads. Bumpy roads. Wide roads. Narrow roads. The only thing they all had in common were, THEY WERE ALL WET ROADS. Very wet roads. Giant puddles everywhere. Occasionally there lights from the dwellings we were passing, otherwise visibility was almost nil. The windscreen wipers not doing a very good job in keeping the windscreen clear from the gallons of water poring down from the heavens above.

Finally, we saw some cars and some lights in front of a church like building.

“Here it is,” I said, triumphantly and with some relief.

It wasn’t. The illuminated sign announced it was a Baptist Church. I didn’t want a baptism both outside and inside so we opted not to end our journey there.

I decided we needed to try and find the Bodden Town Road again and go home.

That’s what we did and then, approaching the Rubis Gas Station on the Bodden Town Road and opposite Countryside, there was Savannah United Church!!

I was lucky, there was a parking spot right in front of the entrance.

It was only when we got out of the car we found out why – 18 inches of deep water! On either side of the car.

We did get into the church. However, my best shoes were ruined. My trousers were soaking wet. Joan spent the evening sitting there in bare feet and complaining her feet were cold.

Only around twenty people were there in the congregation. At least there was another male sitting there so I wasn’t alone.

The music, however, was good and the comradeship even better. All was not lost.

Now I can’t get that song out of mind.

How does it song go? I can even remember the singer – Jane Morgan. Late 1950’s.

“Day The Rains Came Down
Buds were born, love was born.
As the young buds will grow.
So our young love will grow.
Love, sweet love.
Rain sweet rain.”

By Gilbert Becaud called “Le jour où la pluie viendra”


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