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The Editor Speaks: The Cayman Marathon

The 2017 Caribbean Marathon was as usual a magnificent success. Over 100 participants, and crowds of people, young and old, watched the competitors running, panting, sweating and walking the roads of Grand Cayman.

It was well organised with volunteer marshals and police making sure the runners were protected. The many manned water stations along the route were excellent.

It would seem many Christians took part in the event or were viewers.

At one of the churches I attended the congregation was down by a half and the minister commented on that and said this was the only time he/she wished he/she was a Seventh Day Adventist because that wouldn’t have stopped them attending church.

At Elmslie Church, on the waterfront and where the Marathon started and finished, I am amazed they got anyone to attend.

I’m afraid I didn’t bother. I knew it was going to be a nightmare. Last week the passes that were given out to the church members that happened to attend Elmslie on Sunday November 26th were not sufficient. I didn’t get one along with my wife and another member. We were not alone.

Can you imagine, one needs a pass so as to get to church?!

My wife did eventually get there, albeit late, after being stopped six times and many detours, including turning back the way she had come. She even had to break the traffic rules she said. She at least knows the roads but what about our tourists who are here and want to attend? They would never have made it.

The Elmslie minister, who I saw in the evening, told me the congregation there was well down in attendance but praised the people who did attend for their tenacity.

Why on earth then, has the Cayman Marathon been able to obtain permission to start and finish right outside the oldest and most visible church on Grand Cayman?

And it isn’t just this event.

On Ash Wednesday, a public holiday, permission has been given over the last few years to stage MardiGras with its scantily dressed women, loud unChristian music and dancing revelers again right outside Elmslie Church. MardiGras that means Fat TUESDAY!

The TUESDAY where traditionally you eat, drink and be merry just before the 40 days and 40 nights of the Lenten period with its sober and spiritual preparation for Christ’s death.

This country that prides itself on its Christian traditions to allow this is incredulous.

There are plenty of other places where both the Cayman Marathon and MardiGras can be staged and the one place they shouldn’t is right outside a church. And not just any church. The oldest church and the one that has the Memorial Cross!


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