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The Editor Speaks: The Cayman Male Voice Choir

Colin Wilsonweb2Over 40 years ago the Cayman Male Voice Choir started singing and they are still going strong.

They are mostly unheralded. Not supported by the community as they should be. And in the 30 plus years I have been living here in the Cayman Islands I can recollect only missing two of their concerts when I was overseas.

My youngest son, Bryan, when he was here sang with them. He was their youngest member, too.

The idea for the choir and the founder was the late Ferdinand Seymour.

Even when he was unable to accompany them on the piano and/or organ through fading health he sang with them.

I had the privilege of being their narrator on a number of their cantatas. My wife, Joan, was invited to sing with them and was thrilled to accept. She did this on two occasions. I cannot remember any other female singer performing with them.

Last Sunday (19) the Cayman Male Voice Choir performed a concert at their “home”, Elmslie Memorial Church, for all DADS. Their tribute to Fathers.

And I, along with six other men from St. George’s Anglican Church were invited to sing on their Bill. We were all very excited and a little intimidated too as the concert was broadcast live by Radio Cayman.

We were not alone as there was a Men’s Choral group also invited to sing from North Side, except these men could sing. The group I was with are just a Church fellowship group who sing occasionally. We are lucky having found a wonderful upbeat song by Chris De Burgh (“Lady In Red”) called “The Words I Love You”. And since performing it three years ago it has been requested many times over. I make no apologies – it is the song not the singers! But we do perform it with enthusiasm and movement and smiles.

The Master of Ceremonies and the Male Voice Choir’s lead singer was Rudy Myles but the man who nearly always steals the show is Kenneth Melville with his saw that he plays with a violin bow. It produces a wailing melancholy noise and I wonder what the radio listeners must make of it.

There was also a performance from four of the founding members of the choir and although of advanced age sang a rousing rendition of the appropriate hymn “Faith of Our Fathers”.

The young Aidan Connolly also performed a solo song. And I have watched him grow from a four foot boy to a 5 and a half foot young man. I hope he finds the time to join the choir permanently because they need some young blood.

Maybe they don’t. I have noticed new members join and it seems to be when men reach their late 30’s and beyond when they join.

I thoroughly enjoyed the concert as did the audience by their applause.

The concert was free and the church should have been packed to capacity.

It wasn’t and therefore most of you fathers missed a rare treat.

Keep going Male Voice Choir. I won’t be around in another 40 years. But you will be.


  1. Thanks Mr. Colin for this wonderful article. I really enjoyed the St. George’s group.


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