May 10, 2021

The Editor Speaks: Talk show scaremongering is a disgrace

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Colin Wilsonweb2Once again I had the misfortune to listen to the Rooster “Cayman Crosstalk” show last Wednesday.

I was again sitting in my wife’s car on the way to the hospital and she was doing the driving and listening intently to the one-sided debate on Zika and the Oxitec genetically engineered non-biting male mosquitoes. I, therefor, could not turn the radio off.

The debate was fuelled by the male host of the programme who stood for the UDP Bush led organization at the last election but did not make it.

Listening to his bias comments I can only wonder what he would have said if it was the UDP who was behind the Cayman Islands Mosquito Research and Control Unit (MRCU)/Oxitec partnership. No I am not wondering, I have a very good idea his stance would have been a complete U-turn.

I have to say again a talk show host MUST stay neutral and be a devil’s advocate. He should NOT be fanning the flames of his own personal agenda especially on a subject of Zika and the government trying to control its spread.

It is not as if Oxitec’s mosquitoes have not been released in the Cayman Islands before. They were. Did anyone die from this invasion of these mosquitoes? Did anyone report any sickness from these mosquitoes.

The answer to that is NO!!

In fact the trial proved to be 90% successful!

When the co-host, Barry Quappe was trying to answer all the nonsense and utter lies that were being banded about with facts she was repeatedly interrupted by one of the callers, lawyer Steve McField, but Barrie stood her ground.

To interrupt someone who is speaking is the utmost of bad manners but our male co-host did not mind that one bit. In fact he was able to say incredibly that Mr McField had made some very good points. What they were escaped me.

Then someone else came on air and asked how were these genetically modified Oxitec mosquitoes transported?

Audible gasps of horror could be heard over the radio. Our male co-host greedily pounced on this.

Can you imagine if you were sitting in a plane that was carrying these mosquitoes the actual bodily harm you could suffer if they escaped? Oh my God! What a thought?

The fact these “contaminated” mosquitoes would be (and have before) been released into our air escaped everyone on the programme.

I would ask the people against the Oxitec programme would they prefer sniffing up all the poisonous insecticides that would have to be sprayed in enormous quantities that have proved not to be effective?

I suggest you take a look at the photographs we have shown (there is a repeat image in our story on the Front Page today) of the spraying.

If anyone is going to Brazil they have started using Oxitec because spraying has not worked.

Instead of congratulating our government with its fast response and advertising on how they would be dealing with Zika that is spreading at a continual fast pace we get this scaremongering and political interference.

Hurley’s Entertainment should be ashamed of itself for allowing a co-host to use their media waves to try and cause panic amongst the people of the Cayman Islands.

Talk show scaremongering is a disgrace!!

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