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The Editor Speaks: Should government end granting of Cayman Status?

Colin Wilsonweb2They might just as well as they haven’t granted anyone permanent residency since they came to power.

Actually, I am technically right but actually wrong. Michelle Hutchinson-Green and Alisha Racz have finally been granted permanent residency after the Chief Justice of the Cayman Islands, Anthony Smellie, a year ago ruled in their favour.

The Immigration Department and the Immigration Appeals Tribunal turned down the two women’s original application for permanent residency because according to them they hadn’t acquired the number of points necessary to be granted permanent residency.

In fact not one single person can acquire the necessary number of points.

The Chief Justice was scathing of the whole system and described the women’s non-grant of permanent residency as a “miscarriage of justice”.

In fact it is a shocking disgrace and gives this government no credit at all. The fact that it took ten months for the application to come before the Immigration Department and another month to rubber stamp it shows contempt to the highest judge in our judicial system.

Even worse, yes it does get worse, Ms Hutchinson-Green had first made the application in 2006.

It would seem for appearance sake only, the government hired attorney David Ritch, a very experienced lawyer on immigration, as he was once (or was it twice) head of the Immigration Board, to review immigration policies and laws including permanent residency.

I understand government has the review but not based on what has gone before, not made it public.

With East End MLA, Arden Mclean calling for the end of Cayman Status government might just as well implement the same points system they have in place for permanent residency.

What makes me angry, it implies we the public, are complete fools. The government believes we will not notice they have a system in place that is exactly the same as not giving grants to anyone. It is costly and time consuming to both parties and gets even more costly when it goes to court and even then when it is not swiftly dealt with when the ruling goes against government, shows they are above the law. I wonder how quickly immigration would have dealt with the matter had the Chief Justice ruled against the two women?

They would have been sent away within days!

Government if you don’t want to allow anyone to obtain permanent residency say so. It does you no good with this nonsense that is in place now.

If it continues then do away with status grants. Permanent residency would seem a safer political bet anyway and would keep our East End MLA happy. And that would seem to be an unusual feat these days.


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