April 23, 2021

The Editor Speaks: Sadness: Teenager in jail. Mustn’t use “Christians” in headlines

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Colin Wilsonweb2A very sad day today when I learnt that three men I knew here in Cayman had died:
Kent “Biggie” Rankin who started Paramount Carpet Sales & Service Ltd, accountant Ryall Gallagher, and electrician David Phipps. My condolences to friends and family of all.

Also sad is the news of Michael Aaron Bush who was a 17 year old Cayman Islands teenager who started his adulthood by robbing a shop with an imitation gun and has just been sentenced to three years in Northward Prison. Bush needed the money to help his drug habit. He is now 18 and life is just starting. Where were his friends and family to steer him away from this downward path?

The judge said it was clear that Bush’s use of ganja had contributed to his part in the robbery and needed help.

I am not so convinced as the judge is that his time in custody will help him at all. More persons come out of prison worse than they went in.

Justice McMillan said, “It is to be hoped that Mr Bush will use the time in custody to take advantage of the opportunities offered to him in Northward to rectify his substance abuse problem and become a productive law-abiding member of the Caymanian community.”

Finally the terrible news of the Taliban terrorist group who massacred Christians celebrating Easter at a Children’s Park in Pakistan.

Sadly you would not have known from the media headlines that it was Christians that had been targeted – you will note that we had to add the words “Christians targeted” to the originating Newsmax media headline.

If it had been Muslims targeted that would have been blazed right across the front.

I have yet to hear the thousands of Christian churches throughout the world denounce this massacre.

Yes, it my heart that is filled with much sadness.

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