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The Editor Speaks: Remove those trees!

It has been announced that the very first job, which obviously is the most important one, is to remove trees.

Yes. We have too many trees.

Well, according to Tristan Hydes, the deputy chief officer in the planning ministry, there are.

And where are all these trees that must come down?

In the George Town capital!

Next time you drive through the town centre of our capital count all those trees.

Government has appointed Colin Lumsden as manager for the Cayman Islands capital. His job is to revitalize the capital and his first job is to remove all those trees. That is going to bring our capital back to the past where it was the most thriving place in our three islands.

From the photographs back then there seemed to be a lot more trees in place than there is now.

One can only wonder how Planning can come up with such a nonsensical proposal that would fit only in “Alice In Wonderland”.

“What are doing?” asks Alice.

“I’m going to cut down trees,” says The Mad Hatter.

“But I don’t see any trees,” says Alice, looking around at the concrete jungle.

“That doesn’t stop me making it my top priority,” replies The Mad Hatter.

“It doesn’t make any sense at all,” retorts Alice.

“It does when you live here,” answers The Mad Hatter, nodding his head wisely.

*With apologies to Lewis Carroll.

We have published a number of articles, including today, on the dire consequences of global warning and the need to protect our planet.

Even in third grade biology lessons it is taught trees are essential to life. They create the very air we breathe and filter air pollution.

Trees also build soil and help soak up stormwater before it can create a flood, and they offer energy-saving shade that reduces global warming and create habitat for thousands of different species. Trees also help to reduce ozone levels in urban areas.*

If getting rid of the small amount of trees we have is the criteria for revitalizing George Town, HEAVEN HELP US!!

My first priority is not to remove trees but to remove immediately the very people that have come up with this totally insane proposal.


  1. I visit the island twice a year since I have retired. AND WHY YOU ASK? I’ll tell you why. I can not sit out in the sun like most people and the condo where I stay has TREES that protect me from the direct sun. If those trees are ever removed, I will be looking for someplace else to spend my time. That is why I have enjoyed your island all these past 30 years, even though I wasn’t retired all those years. It is not a concrete island and I hope the Lord will put some sense into those who want to remove them.


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