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The Editor Speaks: Premier is right to wait before amending district council law

Colin Wilsonweb2Premier Alden McLaughlin has announced whilst his government plans to amend the district councils’ law to make the process more democratic it will not happen soon but later. Much later. In fact, after the 2017 elections.

And then there is the “IF” his government gets elected again.

However, McKeeva Bush’s UDP, if they are in power again, will no doubt take up the cudgel and they will. I am sure, be quick to implement it. You see, Bush’s idea of people power is for the government to elect the councils. His reasoning is although civil society wanted and needed more voice in politics it should only be by appointment based on their skills and experience and TO BE ABOVE THE CUT AND THRUST OF POLITICS.

He actually said that with a straight face!

McLaughlin’s reason for delaying the reform that would allow “town hall style voting” as North Side has, is because of the electoral reform.

“We are just 16 months away from the dissolution of the House,” he said, “and there is a tremendous amount of work to be done on the administration of the next election and the education campaign regarding voters and those planning to run. We will definitely consider it.”

He said if the Progressive government were re-elected, it would be one of first items on the agenda.

And he is right.

Whilst I am not someone who likes to wait his argument makes perfect sense.

We need to see how the new boundaries work under the new One Man One Vote.

I also smiled at Bush’s comment about everyone being worried where they were going to run as a result of the electoral reforms. He singled out Premier McLaughlin. However, I am sure he is more worried how he is going to get more than one of his party’s West Bay members past the post.

He must have some sleepless nights thinking how he can push that through.

No long tail coats from his clothes are going to work in 2017.

The two people smiling will be Ezzard Miller and Arden Mclean. They have been there and done it. And WON it!


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