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The Editor Speaks: OMOV hypocrisy

Colin Wilsonweb2I cannot believe the rhetoric coming from the One Man, One Vote (OMOV) petitioners trying to force a referendum against the One Man One Vote electoral reform.

I especially listened to the interview former UDP candidate Jonathan Piercy gave to CITN/Cayman27 yesterday (22) giving his reason for the need for the referendum as, “This isn’t about party politics at all, as a matter of fact this is about saving our democracy.” I certainly must give him credit for keeping a straight face when both my wife Joan and I burst out laughing.

The fact that he and his supporters, McKeeva Bush, being the #1, have managed to amass 1,500 signatures and thereby fooled them all into believing this utter hypocritical rubbish, is in itself amazing.

The only reason Piercy and co are trying to get a referendum is to delay the electoral reform that we badly need to make it FAIR to all. Without the reform and to leave it as it is now, is so the new UDP party, headed by Bush, will have a much better chance of getting some of their candidates elected as MLA’s. Piercy being one of them.

In an interview Piercy gave The Cayman Reporter recently he said the “campaign has been centred on more face to face contact with the members of the public, however an online presence has been established to get more people to sign the petition”.

I have no problem with him trying to become elected but to say he is doing it to SAVE OUR DEMOCRACY is an attempt to scare voters to sign his petition who are having a problem understanding the new reform.

Perhaps they might just ask Piercy whether it is democratic for someone to hold six votes, or four votes or three votes or just one vote? Isn’t it more democratic if everyone holds the same number – ONE?!!

Ask him why is it over 90% of the Democratic World has OMOV whilst the only countries that do not have this system are the ones ruled by dictators?

The fact that we already have had a OMOV referendum that was overwhelmingly in favour of it and was only narrowly  defeated because of quite frankly non-constitutional manipulations by the ruling government – the UDP – the party Piercy supports, is not unsurprisingly missing from his website and rhetoric.

And then he has the gall to say: “citizens should focus on the efforts by the PPM to introduce OMOV ‘because this is a precursor of things to come and if we do not stop these little things from happening the ripple effects or the ramifications, well…’”

Well ….. I am not afraid to say to Jonathan Piercy “Be honest. Tell us the REAL reason you don’t want the OMOV.” It most certainly is NOT to SAVE OUR DEMOCRACY!

All we have got from him is hypocrisy and phooey!


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