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The Editor Speaks: Old people

colin-wilsonweb2I am one of the “Old People”. Do I like being old?

An emphatic NO!!!

October has been designated “Older Person’ Month”

Not “Old People’s Month”. Perhaps the powers that be that came up with the name “Older Person’ Month” were not old people! We used to be called “mature” but that somehow didn’t make us sound old enough.

We were also called “Aged Persons”. However some young person thought that “aged” made us sound really old.

Whatever names you give us you younger people we are OLD PEOPLE!

And of course we have the distinguished name of being “Senior Citizens”.

What a laugh that title is. Do we get any privileges for being under the umbrella of this grandiose title. “Senior” some young buck thought made us sound important.

Important? Another laugh.

“The Golden Years”. The time we all retire and be put into a field to pasture.

I don’t know what gold there is in these years. For most of us we have no income that if we do have one cannot come near to pay the monthly outgoings. And gold doesn’t have the value it once had.

So our government who actually have MLA’s over 60 have appointed two “Ambassadors”.

Another nice title and how will these two notable persons be held in our society? Will all the younger persons bow their heads to our Ambassadors. Will they be invited to all the formal high society movers/shakers events and given a fanfare and formal announcement as they enter the Ritz-Carlton?

They have both been given the recipient of this handsome title so it should have to mean something.

Both Ambassadors really are very distinguished persons and have given much to our society.

They represent all of us old people.

Minister Osbourne Bodden in his Message to us ancients says “The elderly are the nation’s conscience. They, more than any other part of the community, give us a sense of cultural continuity and self.”

Aha. Another name for us. “Elderly”.

There is a bit of hope for us. Bodden goes on to say:

“The theme of International Day of Older Persons and local Older Persons Month invites us all to “Take a Stand Against Ageism”. For older people, ageism is an everyday reality. Often overlooked for employment and stereotyped in the media, ageism marginalises and excludes older people in their communities, at a time in their lives when comfort and ease should be paramount.

“The Government is aware of just how prevalent ageism is and that such discrimination harms rather than helps society. My Ministry is dedicated to ensuring that older persons live with dignity, are respected and have the opportunity to fully participate in all aspects of our society. We are focused on expanding our efforts to provide strategic guidance in the delivery of quality services for older persons.

“To this end, therefore, my Ministry has established a Steering Committee which is currently developing a national policy for older persons which will go far to not only support this Government’s efforts to protect the rights of older persons, but also ensure that they can contribute fully to our families and communities for many years to come.”


When I die and the angel or devil takes my hand and walks me to a place and says, “Colin. We want you to go on a committee” I will know where I am going and it is not Heaven.

At least I know nothing will ever be done!

No one is going to take any notice of this Editorial anyway. It’s written by some old, aged, mature, senior, elderly codger.


  1. In my unpopular opinion, ‘No age is old’, it is just the perception of what a person who chooses to convince themselves that they are old or young and vibrant. Society dictates or influences and many are gullible. Everyone subscribe to the term ‘years old’ including describing an infant as 1 year old. Granted…. we age daily but…. none believes that age 2 yrs old is old yet we say the baby is 2 years OLD, don’t we? Age – old. How do you associate it and where do you draw the line to determine who is old? 30? 50? 62? 70? 90? I overheard a stranger recently described it as such, “Once your hair turns white or gray, you are entitled to Senior Citizens discount. Hummm…, this includes many age 30’s I guess. Some folks feel old when they are in their late 20’s and they do look old, withered, wrinkled and stressed, some when they reach, 40’s, 60’s 80’s take your pick. Some folks drink alcohol and some smoke excessively; some do both. What we put in our bodies is paramount as well. A Centenarian could feel young if their mind is set realistically with that notion and he/she disregard what society’s negative influences weighs on the mass to believe. At 60, I always feel like age 20 always from the time I was 20 and nothing and no one can dissuade me from that feeling. Always matured with wisdom because as you age daily you should be wiser, particularly if you are analytical and pay very close attention to detail and lessons learnt. What you feel within, is expressed outwardly. Example, the way you dress, the way you behave, think, enjoy life, love, express yourself, live, learn from experiences and others, the music you listen to and enjoy (all genre). I’ve always believed through faith that at 100 yrs, I will look much younger unlike most folks at that age because of what is within my spiritual psychic. I believe I will live beyond age 140 but it is not for others to believe, it is what could very well happen solely because I believe. If by remote chance that this does not materialize, so what? (smile) I most certainly would have enjoyed a great life as I am at present with a highly positive mindset. Reminds me of a songwriters’ favorite line: Song Quote, “You know I’m just a soul whose intentions are good. OH LORD PLEASE DON’T LET ME BE MISUNDERSTOOD.’ You really are what you think. Any other definition, is secondary. If you believe you are old, then you will live accordingly and if you feel young age should not have anything whatsoever to do with it. Ask Methuselah.

    • I 100% agree with you Wizard of Oz.. You really are a wizard with words. But aren’t wizards all old? Maybe there are young wizards. I haven’t met any, though. Harry Potter – wasn’t he a young wizard? Maybe I had better re-think. My problem is if I feel I am young that perception lets me down when I get out of a chair, when I walk and when I try to run. Oh, the pain. And then there are all those pills. And then I have to look at that reflection staring back at me in the mirror……


  2. Always a great sense of humor. When you get out of that lazy boy chair start taking slow walks, then in a few weeks brisk walks like Gandhi then when the body is able, slow jogging. Have you ever seen a jogger smiling? Check old videos of Bill Clinton campaigning. lol

    I’d suggest, change your thoughts then you change the cranky experiences in a timely manner. It took a while to get there and feel that way, right?

    You know we use to view 50’s as old aged folks when we were children and in our teens we use to refer to persons in their late 30’s as middle aged. Thought it would take forever to hit those high numbers, didn’t we? When we reached 40 do we all feel old? Some do. Did you feel old at 50?

    I honestly never did. Maybe I am lucky because I, like others, think accordingly. If one unfortunately loss both legs in an accident so they cannot walk or because of excruciating pains or is heavily medicated (mirroring your candor) because of an illness (High blood pressure, stroke and diabetes) at age 30. Does that make them feel old? It is their choice as to how they feel from day to day. All I am suggesting is that how you feel is convincing to you and same for me and everyone. You are the results, the product you convince yourself to be at in life. Oh…. and the Owl is considered wise but is the owl old? Is the owl really wise? Jesus, the wisest died for us very early in his life on earth. James Brown performed and danced like he always did at the ripe YOUNG age of 70. I bet he always felt young and in one of his songs shouted, “I FEEL GOOD!” You are as young or old as you feel.

    PS Have you considered collecting all or some of your many editorials to formulate a manuscript for a book entitled, ‘EYE WITNESS’? The world would appreciate your visions, views and many readers could catch up on interesting articles they missed.

    • Thank you again Oh Wise Wizard.Although he wasn’t really a wizard at all but a showman with a wise reflection on life like yourself. And a way you have with words that I can only grasp at.

      As for my walks. I have (it is actually my wife’s) 80lb German Shep mix dog that takes me for walks every morning at 6:30am whether I am awake or not. She even gets me to run when she rushes to pee and poo on her favourite pice of scrub land. Of course she doesn’t make it and I have the miserable pleasure of stooping and wrap up her mess on the road. That is extremely good exercise for a man of 73! Her name is Sugar but she is that sweet. She is very protective and we pass every morning a home that breeds a variety of dogs including pitbulls that hiss and bark at her as we pass. Then she rushes at them and runs back and forth with only the wire fence between and me hanging on to the expanding leash for dear life. Way further down and to the left is another house that breeds rotweillers and Sugar takes them on as well!Yes I do get my exercise every day.

      I actually never felt old until after 60 and persons looked at me differently and I was excused from being elected onto committees (than you Jesus!) and my views were equally discarded. The young ones looked at me as if I was some relic from outer space and any attempt at having a conversation with them was viewed with much suspicion. It was only when I directed my last play and there were a number of youngsters in the cast that I did feel young again as you describe (although very tired). The wonderful thing about live theatre is you are one family from the star to the walk on complete with the drama of life that the audience sees. And afterwards the warmth one has for everyone is a treasure no one can buy. All past sins and squabbles are forgiven and mainly forgotten.

      And being old I have a real huge treasure chest of precious gems.

      I love you title EYE WITNESS but have never given a feather or a thought for compiling them into a manuscript. I really cannot believe anyone would be interested in reading my mainly moans and groans on life mixed with the richer blessings there are. But thank you for the thought.

      My biggest and most memorable moment regarding my Editorials was three years ago when one of our most prominent LA members was at a church and was the Guest Speaker. It was a service for Jamaica Independence Day and the MLA as he was speaking suddenly stopped, turned around and pointed his finger at me. He said to the congregation, “That Editor of iNews tells lies. Do not believe a word he says!” I smiled, nodded, stood and bowed to him and the congregation and then sat down. Not many persons can claim that an elected government minister (he was Premier at the time) singled him out and accused him of lying from the pulpit of a church!! One of my proudest moments.

      At least I can also claim two people actually read my Editorials.

      Yes I do feel GOOD at times.

      Many blessings and thank you.


  3. Thanks for sharing Mr. Colin. How interesting…. You are an oasis of interesting and EYE opening information. You always call it how you see it, hold no punches and you have this gifted, uncanny knack of humor smoothly intertwined. Surely you must be a poet or experienced playwright. (smile)

    If by commentary you confirmed that at least two persons read your Editorials, breaking news >>>>> rest assured that it is read by many, globally. I still have some copies of your printed newspapers.

    My suggestions on exercising were simply positive thoughts and comments in general to stimulate readers through your jovial reference to aching pains of aging. I certainly wasn’t arming you down in a lazy boy chair. You should know that. Besides….I did suspected that you are in good enough shape to outrun Bolt had they invited you to Rio. Hey! Look at it this way, Usain could never honestly boast that he ever beat you in any race.

    Have a great week end and God bless!

    • Just got back from my early exercise doing the Sugar walk. Now I am in the lazy boy chair sitting at the Editor’s desk. My partner took the day off yesterday and I followed suit. Except for Matthew who confounded the excerpts with his strength. Usain would be wise to bolt out of the path of this tax collector. He would not want to take him on. And the lightning from Matthew’s mouth and his thunder would make all us old folk into Olympic runners or safer still into hiding like frightened rabbits.

      I would save those printed copies. They were ahead of their time and maybe in 500 years time worth more than the original purchase price. Hand them down to you next of kin and tell him or her when he gets old to do the same.

      You know more about me than I know about you my Wizard and I mentioned your name at the Scuba Diving Hall of Fame Event last night and I was told they had seen your handle posted elsewhere. Feeling like the tinman with my joints so rusty they need a squirt of oil perhaps you can give me a squirt.

      Thank you again for stimulating the aged brain cells this early morning.

      Blessings dear Wizard of the Words and return to your treadmill in the Land of Oz.


  4. You guys are hilarious. I am a young 72 year old but feel much younger probably because I think younger. I find it hilarious serving the old folks at the Rotary Club Senior Citizens party many of whom are thirty years younger. Maybe time for me to relax hang up my gun and get a room at the Pines where I can chat up Miss Olive.

    • You could do worse than chat up Miss Olive. She can still dance and do it well. Apart from her eyesight everything else is good and her brain is as sharp as a needle and her voice has lost none of its richness. And this time I really do know who the writer is.

      Colin’s not half hour.

  5. TMFB (Tickling my funny bones) Told ya that you have a lot of readers, now this dialog is introducing more commentary. They are quiet but they are reading. Welcome Herbie Hancock!

    Now Missa Colin! You see whe you ah started?

    Seems Sugar is a wonderful dog, sweet (naturally) and runs the show on the road keeping you in top shape. Yeah I heard it on the latest news too that Matthew Leslie brewing. I could tell you that Matthew don’t play so tek cover and stay On GUARD…. Sugar caaan tek the sound of thunder, I know. Dah she match! Cat 5 or 5 cats like Ivan is no joke. The prob is when they linger, if they just blow over quickly, it would be better but if they just stay put and away at high seas, that’s best. Storm wreckage are costly. They make Governments find money they don’t have. No punt. I ain’t laughing. I still feeling the effects of Ivan. My right pocket empty and my left pocket…..well…. left.

    Perhaps I could just pull out an old dusty Script I saved long before youngsters frequented Camana Bay in large groups. Hey Herbie! you do know some folks that love local plays and scripts right? Some like acting and directing as well.

    • Can you please send the rest to the email address instead of here. And I will post them separately.

      I have cut and copied the rest of it Chapter One


  6. I called an OLD…. school friend and asked what he was doing.

    He replied that he is working on
    ‘Aqua-thermal treatment of ceramics, aluminium & steel under
    a constrained environment’

    I was impressed…

    On further inquiring I learned that he was
    ‘Washing dishes, pots and pans with hot water …….under his wife’s supervision’

    An article from readers digest is worth sharing:

    It is directed towards men like Colin, but can apply to women too.

    Last night I was sitting in the living room, talking to mi wife Joan about life…..

    In-between, we talked about the idea of living or dying. Aging……. I told her, ‘Never let me live in a vegetative state, totally dependent on machines and liquids from a bottle. If you see me in that state I want you to disconnect all the connections that are keeping me alive, I’d much rather die.’

    My wife got up from the sofa with this real look of admiration towards me proceeded to disconnect the Cable TV, DVD, then the Computer, the Cell Phone, the iPod and the Xbox, then she went to the bar and threw away all my whisky, rum, Gin, Vodka and the case of Beers from the fridge…

    I ALMOST DIED!! My dog Sugar barked insistently until she was hoarse.

    Moral : Think before you speak. The female brain works on a different wavelength!


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