January 27, 2022

The Editor Speaks: Not quite the feeding of the five thousand

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colin-wilsonweb2With estimates ranging from 700 to 3,500 there was beyond a shadow of a doubt a huge crowd at the Rally to Promote Christian Values at The Lions Centre last Sunday night.

The nearer estimate was the higher and the person who came up with 700 must have missed at the very least a 1 in front of it.

The Lions Centre was packed to overflowing with at least a hundred standing and the Rally had been called by The Cayman Ministers Association together with The Adventists to counter the promotion of LGBTQ rights through the series of lectures on rights of LGBTQ executed recently at the University College of the Cayman Islands.

When these series of lectures took place the Cayman Ministers Association (CMA) produced a release condemning the lectures without hearing them nor even sending a representative to the meetings. I criticized them for this and encouraged them to hold their own series of lectures promoting the Biblical view on this. The “this” primarily being same sex marriages as this was the main thrust of the LGBTQ lectures.

Not saying I had anything to do with this but the CMA took up the gauntlet and organized their own conference of sorts – a rally For the Promotion of Bible Based Family Values with three key note speakers: Brendan Bain, David Gibbs III and our very own Alson Ebanks.

They might have been the three little fishes but the five loaves was the entertainment comprising various church choirs, a saxophone player, a teen rap group, a young female solo artist who sang The National Song and a huge Combined Church Choir.

It was a shame Gibbs had to take a swipe at the media because we published the press release from Colours Cayman that questioned the credentials of the two non Caymanian speakers. He had accused the media for pushing the LGBTQ propaganda and if we just promote the Christian point of view that is right. No sir it is not.

I applaud the organizers and it was nice to see the Seventh Day Adventist on board. If only the Roman Catholics had come too then there would have been a whole united front. I am very, very disappointed in them.

Jesus would have wept.

My only grouse. The Rally was over one hour too long.

However, you did nearly did get to feed the five thousand.

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