February 25, 2020

The Editor speaks: Motorists Monday morning n’mare


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By Colin Wilson

Colin Wilson

It was utter chaos this morning for motorists.

A Monday morning nightmare they had to endure getting to work, especially if they were coming in from the west and travelling east.

There was first an accident at Newlands and even worse second one on Shamrock Road in the vicinity of Peanuts Gas Station.

At one time the traffic was backed up right up to Bodden Town.

If that was enough, and the strangest, traffic was held up on the Linford Pierson Highway by a lady carrying a sign, and according to observers trying to “plant trees on the road”.

The lady, reportedly Lovell Marriott, was carrying a sign bearing the words “I NEED JUSTICE”.

Please see image we were sent by one of our readers.

You may remember M/s Marriott when, a while ago. she walked naked throughout Camana Bay before entering a restaurant along the West Bay Road.

What she wants justice from is not clear but it may have to do with her claim a local psychiatrist was trying to kill her.

Why, again is not clear, except she does require medical help.

It has been reported that some teachers who work at Savannah Primary, along with mothers of pupils there, parked their cars at Countryside and walked to the school.

Similar action happened with mothers and pupils at Prospect Primary School leaving their cars parked and using shanks’ pony.

If you are one of the motorists stuck in the long queues this morning you have my sympathy, for what’s that worth.

You might also need medical help of some sort of another.

However, our police are trying their best to help, but nothing they can do will solve any of the problems that happened today to give you this nightmare morning journey.

There is not even a bright note I can leave you with.

This one will not be the last one.

And you have to drive home tonight.

Another nightmare?

PS. In case you don’t know the expression “Shanks’ pony. It was on a World War II poster by Lewitt-Him for the Ministry of War Transport carrying the words “Go by Shanks’ pony – Walk short distances and leave room for those who have longer journeys”. Shanks’ – from shanks meaning legs. Use your own legs as a form of transport.

Might still be applicable today.

However, further investigation I found it originated in Scotland and was first recorded in “The Tea-Table Miscellany: Or, a Complete Collection of Scots Sangs” published in 1729 by Allan Ramsey, a Scottish poet, playwright, editor and librarian. It comes from the song “Scornfu Nansy” that contains the lines;

And ay until the Day he died,

He rade [road] on the good shanks Nagy

[a nag is a horse’]

It then appeared again in another publication in 1738.

Now you have read something very useful today. I did this for all of you to help relieve [not relive) your morning nightmare.

Please leave me a comment with your thanks.

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