April 4, 2020

The Editor speaks: KAABOO and a lot to do


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Colin Wilson

When I drove past all the colourful tents yesterday (Sun 10) already in place for the Cayman event it looked like something that would fit in Wonderland.

KABOO is very nearly here – it starts on Valentine’s Day Thu Feb 14 and finishes on the Sat 16. The expected audiences have been estimated at 10,000 at some of the main events.

As I peered down from the main highway leading to West Bay at Dart property north of the Kimpton resort where KAABOO is taking place, I marvelled at the organisation needed at such an event.

The nearer the days get the more work there is to do and what about on the actual days? Mind blowing.

It is not just the people working at the events and the performers. One of the most busiest division of persons who will have a lot to do are our police.

They have to police the event, they have to manage the traffic that will be a major challenge and willstill have to execute all their normal policing duties.

At a the police said they are confident they can manage the event successfully and have been planning for it for many weeks.

I know I, for one, is going to avoid the and areas from Governor’s Square where all the diversions are going to be set up.

If you have to go through the area you will have a lot to do to get around KAABOO so plan ahead that more mileage and time will be needed.

Even the best laid plans go awry and no amount of the police’s scheduled public address releases and announcements are going to solve all the problems that will arise.

Cayman has never dealt with an event like this one and how many of our police force have the necessary experience?

And homeowners be extra careful. The police are saying they have the resources to deal with the usual spate of burglaries, etc. Our criminals may not believe them. I cannot see how they can.

Yes KAABOO, you will be giving us a lot to do.

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