November 28, 2023

The Editor speaks: Is anarchy taking over?

Colin Wilson

Anarchy is the state of a society being freely constituted without authorities or a governing body. It may also refer to a society or group of people that totally rejects a set hierarchy. – Wikipedia

With, quite rightly, the press and universal protests over police brutality, especially against the black community, I have to ask the question, is anarchy going to take over?

The press, especially in the USA, are fanning the flames and providing the thugs with a certain amount of legitimacy.

In the US citizens have the right to have a gun. Thank goodness we don’t have that right here in the Cayman Islands. I dread to think what would happen if we did.

However, it would seem now that protesters in the US can smash fences, smash windows of property, smash up cars, smash and set alight anything they like, including police stations, throw petrol bombs and bricks and stones at the police and anyone else that doesn’t agree with their cause, with total impunity.

The large majority of the US press takes a very lenient stand in all of their reporting on this but blasts anyone, especially their favorite whipping boy, President Trump, who dares to try and stop all this. There is absolute outrage, and enormous press coverage, with repeat showings over and over again of Trump and his troops trying to restore order that they are against!!! Their new champion is Joe Biden – the man who they were all ridiculing at the start of his campaign to become the Democratic candidate to face Trump at the coming election. How fickle they all are.

*A family who were shown trying to protect their property with a gun in their hands whilst thugs had broken down their fences, trampled all over their gardens, and screamed and threatened them, have themselves now been arrested! The thugs whose faces have been shown in plain sight by the media cameras have got away scot-free. And it appears to me, Fox News, is the only news channel who thinks this is outrageous. The other news groups who have reported it have made no comment for or against.

Don’t you think all of us should thank God for living here in the Cayman Islands? And thank our government, headed by premier Alden McLaughlin, who I have been critical off lately, for keeping all of us safe from terrible virus Covid-19?

There cannot be many places on this planet that has peace, safety, so much beauty and the vast majority of the population loving and kind. we have a police force to be proud of, a largely God fearing country with values entrenched in our society that goes back to the very first settlers here.

I am thankful to be here, especially when you see what is going on all around us. Anarchy is growing with so few speaking out against it. Why not?

Thankfully, anarchy has no place here in the Cayman Islands. That will remain so.

And, whilst I have a breath in my old body, I will fight tooth and nail to see it doesn’t.


*Us Author David Horowitz writes:

“The shocking and despicable decision by St. Louis prosecutors to charge the McCloskeys, for simply protecting their home from an antifa-backed mob, is another sign that America is involved in a civil war.

“These rioters knocked down the couple’s fence and trespassed on private property.

Similar rioters had burned, looted, and even murdered innocent people.

“The McCloskeys had no choice. They had a Constitutional right to protect their home and family. But now they are being prosecuted by a Soros-funded district attorney and a Democrat.  

“Our cities are being destroyed and Democrat mayors and officials are defunding the police and encouraging the vandals and the arsonists, calling them “peaceful protesters.”

“This new civil war now pits those of us who love our country and want a Constitutional government, as envisioned by our Founders, against those who would destroy our very civilization and freedoms.

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