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The Editor Speaks: If you support LGBT rights you’re not a Christian!

This is the claim of Anthony Eden that was echoed to some extent by Alva Suckoo who managed to unseat the hardworking and former Progressives Minister Wayne Panton’s bid for re-election.

The respect I once had for Eden evaporated last year and his tirade against the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) community is very far from Christian. That Suckoo also used this as a weapon against Panton because his approach was actually more Christian being ‘softer’ and acknowledging that many of them are born with this problem, has filled me with disgust for both Sukoo and Eden.

I do not support same sex marriage and never will. However, when this country is bound by Human Rights Rules of fairness there is very little, or anything, the Premier can do. I have myself preached against same sex marriage but I would never call the LGBT community ‘animals’ as Eden referred to them. If he believes that is the Christian approach he doesn’t know the true meaning of Christianity at all.

Suckoo claimed that Panton was for the LGBT community and therefore was not a Christian in his campaigning and even got the backing of some of the Newlands’ churches. It was probably this that made the difference in getting Suckoo elected over a far more qualified man who proved over the last four years that he gave his all, not only to his government position but in the Newlands community, too.

My wife, Joan, a very respected Christian Caymanian was appalled at Panton’s non-election, and Suckoo’s campaign to unseat him, which unfortunately worked.

Now Eden is back again with his vitriolic verbiage claiming that anyone who supports the LGBT community in anyway is non-Christian and both Joan and I find that very offensive.

I can support both of them in the sanctity of marriage but he certainly is not defending all Christian values and the main one – LOVE!!

Eden in the LA last Wednesday told Premier Alden McLaughlin to replace James Austin-Smith as the chair of the Human Rights Commission because he is not a Christian!

Eden said “It is beyond my comprehension [that] a person who is a confessed atheist can objectively deal with matters in a predominately Christian nation.”

Would Eden be saying the same thing if Austin-Smith was a Jew or a member of the Bahai faith or even a Muslim? So he is intimating that only self confessed Christians, like himself, can be part of the Human Rights Commission?

He also claimed Dr Leo Raznovich, a former Truman Bodden Law School professor, and member of the LGBT community in Cayman, was attempting to “incite residents” to go against the Constitution and Marriage Law. Eden couldn’t understand how a person here as a dependent could interfere in the every day functions of the Cayman Islands.

I have corresponded with Dr Raznovich many times via emails and he has respected my views on gay marriage and never once tried to incite me or change my views.

In my dealings with him he has shown far more the compassion and love of Jesus Christ than anything coming out from Eden regarding LGBT!

It is unfortunate that rhetoric like this from a man who for years and years has been so well respected is turning off people from Christianity which preaches love for their fellow man and not hate.

So what both Eden and Suckoo are doing is giving the impression Christianity is about rules and regulations and nothing more than that.

With all the love I can find for both of you gentlemen, and especially dear Anthony please stop trying to be a Christian, you will not be able to achieve it, let the Holy Spirit (as it is Pentecost Sunday as I finish writing this) come down upon you and allow Jesus to speak for you.

What you have been doing is giving the LGBT community a weapon to use against Christian values that I also cherish. Fire and brimstone never converted anyone to be a Christian. It might have made them frightened but a convert – NO!

I support rights of the LGBT community and Mr Eden and Mr Suckoo I am a CHRISTIAN!! And I am not trying to become one.



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