July 12, 2020

The Editor speaks: I give MLA Harris 10 out of 10 for speaking his mind openly


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Colin Wilson

MLA Austin Harris, famous ex Rooster Radio Host, bravely spoke his mind in the Legislative Assembly, and lashed out at two of the leaders of the Cruise Port Referendum (CPR).

He called Johann Moxam and Mario Rankin “muppets”, no doubt comparing them to the two miserable old men on the hit winning television puppet show. He also called them “two rotten apples”.


I well remember Harris was once against the cruise port project, in fact very vociferous against it. He defended his ‘U’- turn with much more conviction than the backbenchers who are now against it, but once were for it.

It is amazing how politics changes not only people’s mind depending on which side of the fence they sit on, but their personalities they once showed in public to us.

Harris spoke a lot about the environmental issues claiming they were made up. He may not be an expert on the environment but neither are Moxam, Rankin and the large majority of the CPR.

Even though I don’t agree with him on the silt problem that he denounces he has the right to shout as loud as the CPR campaigners who are now going to bang on our doors.

I applaud them, too. Go ahead. If you really believe you are right then tell the world.

As long as you don’t knock on my door!! LOL!!

I do not believe he will regret any of his open mindness. A week is a year in politics.

There is no doubt in my mind that the leaders of both sides have not been open and fair and have only told us the “facts” that favour their side of the pendulum.

Harris has told us freely what he thinks.

Whether I agree with him or not I know one hundred per cent he believes it.

I can’t say the same for the excellently written letter to the Compass that the premier touted in his opening address in the LA.

Sure, someone wrote it.

Who? Or who dictated it?

Now that is the question?

It was very good and I loved reading it.

I am enjoying all of this.

Keep speaking your mind openly. Don’t hold back. If you are an American you might even become President. Especially if you can Twitter.

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