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The Editor Speaks: ‘Education is the key’ so no Paraquat ban

Colin WilsonwebI have a deadly poison that I am using to kill hundreds of animals, and it can kill humans too, especially babies.

I have a deadly poison that I like to use to kill hundreds of animals, and it is just bad luck if it kills humans too, especially babies.

Even though a Cayman Islands government department (Department of Agriculture) claimed three years ago to me they don’t sell this deadly poison they now admit they actually do but will now stop. When they told me this lie it was probably they were then temporarily out of stock.

Even though this deadly poison has no antidote the Cayman Islands government will not ban its use.

Even though this deadly poison that is used by farmers to kill weeds that otherwise would destroy their crops have a ‘viable substitute’ (government’s words but actually there are BETTER and SAFER alternatives) the Cayman Islands government will not ban its use.


Because government says “banning the herbicide won’t necessarily stop people from killing animals and education is key in stopping the deaths.”


But I am killing those pests people call pets.

I want to kill those pets.

I like to know they are suffering a horrendously painful death.

So educate me.

Have you ever heard such poppycock in all your life?

We were so quick to ban the UK beef products when mad cow and foot and mouth disease was prevalent there.

No one thought of educating us then. All UK beef products were banned! Fast action. No time for education.

So when are the education classes going to start that will make us stop using this deadly poison?

When is the government going to announce how this education process is to be implemented and where?

What’s that?

George Town MLA Winston Connolly says, “….government on its own, have recommended the substitutes.”

  1. OK. Good for the government. It is RECOMMENDED the substitute herbicide is used instead of the deadly poison.

Does government along with MLA Connolly actually believe any of this utter nonsense from out of Alice in Wonderland is going to stop animals, especially those barking dogs that our would be burglars hate, from still being poisoned by this deadly poison?

The deadly poison is paraquat that is marketed as Gramoxone.

It is recorded that 70% of all suicides were successful from using paraquat.

Dr. Catharina Wesseling form Central American Institute for Studies on Toxic Substances (IRET) says paraquat is a dangerous pesticide.

Dr Wesseling is a physician with a PhD in epidemiology.

“It can cause fatal poisonings in adults and children after ingestion of minimal amounts or after skin contact with concentrated as well as diluted solution,” she says.

“Victims suffer a painful suffocating death.

“Skin, eye and nail lesions occur very frequently among paraquat users, sometimes in the form of severe chemical burns.

“The greatest burden of health consequences from paraquat use is carried by agricultural workers and their families in poor developing countries.

“Paraquat must be banned worldwide.”

Sweden’s former Environment Minister Lena Sommestad says paraquat is extremely poisonous and extremely health hazardous.

“Using paraquat could put thousands of people at risk of injury and death, especially in poor countries where people don’t have the possibility or know how to protect themselves when using herbicides.

“But even in the EU, there are reports of poisonings.”

The General Secretary, the International Union of Food, Agricultural, Hotel, Restaurant, Catering, Tobacco and Allied Workers’ Associations (IUF) Ron Oswald says “there is no room for paraquat in a socially and environmentally sustainable agriculture.”

SOURCE for above:

Nowhere have I found any source that says: “education is key in stopping the deaths” from paraquat poisoning and its use.

BAN IT! For God’s sake! BAN IT!



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