January 24, 2022

The Editor speaks: Curiouser and curiouser

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Colin Wilson

Sometimes living here in our beautiful islands it seems I am actually living in Alice’s “Wonderland”.

The majority of people play by the normal everyday laws the government of the day administers.

Some others that don’t, get their just deserts and are fined in accordance with the laws. Others are let off with a warning.

Then there are the ones that are live in the Wonderland parts of Cayman.

They break the rules continually. The public complains and nothing is done.

No amount of complaining. No amount of questions asked. They’re in Wonderland. And in Wonderland the beach is not mine. It belongs to them. Well, access to it belongs to them. Public rights of the way are blocked. Some with large objects, trees and padlocked gates. All against the laws. No amount of crying foul. No amount of media exposure. MLA’s say they will look into the problem. However, they look through the Looking Glass They are sucked in. No one is able to find the names of these perpetrators. They are protected by the Wonderland philosophy. You have to be mad if you think you can stop it. And if you are mad you are welcome in Wonderland.

The latest in this madness is the ‘sudden appearance of beach chair and umbrella rental businesses that have started up along our shorelines targeting the cruise ship tourists. All of them operating on public beaches.

Who gave these mysterious operators permission?

What law do they operate under?

Why are the culprits who block our beach access rights of way not penalised?

Why are the powers who police this madness turning a blind eye?

It is not that they are not aware of it.

Social media is buzzing with it.The islands’ news outlets are regularly writing articles denouncing it. The local TV Cayman27 news have done a number of video stories about it.

These beach chairs, umbrellas and small boats are blocking our rights of walking along the shoreline. Now no one can pass without much difficulty, especially along the stretch of Boggy Sands beach because of all all the commercial apparatus that is in the way.

Someone is behind all this.

If it’s not the Queen of Hearts its someone with her power.

I say “Off with his or her head”.

Talking of heads – I believe I saw someone selling hats to the tourists as they walked the beach. There was an uncanny likeness to the Mad Hatter.

The fact that it is allowed to continue is very curious.

And it gets curiouser and curiouser – and curiouser.

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