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The Editor Speaks: Corruption and who you know

The word ‘corruption’ has been mooted that it is at our doors, in our society, and Cayman’s big players have their hands in the cookie jar.

MLA and Leader of the Opposition said this week there is corruption and it must be investigated.

Rooster, in advertising its talk show, has played sound bites with persons saying that corruption is everywhere here.

My problem with Rooster is that this negative promotion of our country sends an image over the airwaves to the world that this is a terrible and typical Caribbean country.

I say typical because that is the perception of third world countries and the same that nearly all politicians are corrupt.

The few bad apples with the instant publicity when they get caught, is further proof that this perception is the norm.

However, it is all very well bandying the words that “there is corruption everywhere in the Cayman Islands, but where is the proof?

If you cannot come up with the proof of corruption then not only should you not say it nor should the media report it without saying ‘no proof is offered’.

It makes me smile that when US President Trump makes one of his many claims the media immediately add ‘no proof was offered by the President.’ Claims that portray the President in a bad light made by dubious porno/call girls are given the green light with  saying ‘no proof required’.

Where there is lots of proof, and it is everywhere in the world, and very clear here is “who you know”.

It even goes deeper. It is “who you related, too?”.

A case in point is the heavy equipment, including Bob Cats that arrived in front of the Discovery Point Club last Saturday (20) AT NIGHT. It appeared sand had been removed as a huge hole was dug and some ‘beautification’ of the area had taken place.

We were sent photographs of the equipment and the huge hole by a concerned person.

The ‘beautification’ had also resulted in it now going below the high water mark and probably the sand into the sea.

It is against the law to execute any of this and definitely permission had not been given nor sought.

The activities had also taken place at night.

A clear case of illegal action and punishment?

Although I was investigating secretly Cayman27 had also been sent the same photographs as myself. They immediately approached the Manager of Discovery Club and told them they were coming down with their cameras and reporter.

By the time the TV crew arrived the hole had been filled in and the Manager told them permission for the work had been submitted.

Yes it was, but after all the equipment had arrived. This was confirmed by the Department of Environment.

In a statement, deputy director Tim Austin, said, “We immediately contacted the owner who agreed to stop works and pull the heavy equipment off the beach until the situation could be assessed. The permission letter was issued Thursday afternoon following a site visit and discussions with the condo manager.”

If no one had informed on Discovery Club……..?

I know of instances where people have put a small extension onto their property without permission, and been forced to immediately take it down and threatened with fines. These property owners did not know the right people.

The DOE confirmed there were no “active turtle nests along that stretch of beach”. Would it have mattered if there had been?


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