October 30, 2020

The Editor speaks: Christmas good cheer


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colin headWhat a week and quite frankly nothing good until …..

Anther shooting in the USA by a man and his wife (who seemed to be the planner – both Muslims), the Republican Party refusing to pass legislation to stop persons on the US terrorist suspect list and mental patients obtaining weapons, more corruption at the top in FIFA, at home here – Canover Watson trial and the revelations coming out of that, guilty plea from our man of the soil – Jeff Webb (and he is also central in the Canover Watson trial) that included stealing from funds meant for the poorest countries, it would seem there are corrupt officers in the RCIPS stealing drugs, no one policing the police, another water related death, mugging and theft of $35 of groceries, and very, very close to home – wife involved in a car crash with one of the vehicles (not hers) flipping over on its roof. Luckily no serious injuries to either party and that is a miracle.

However, there is even worse news. Wife also catches bad cold and GIVES IT TO ME but 100 times worse. Constant sneezing that continued throughout the whole day and night. Every limb in my body hurting, raging headache, the “runs” to the bathroom, ears and nose streaming and hoping to die and put myself out of the misery I was in.

Today the cold has gone down to my chest and it is now coughing that is my main problem but I feel considerably better.

I couldn’t even make the Seaman’s Christmas Party but ……. I did force myself to get to the Cayman Male Voice Choir’s Christmas Cantata and that was my SAVIOUR!

I will be writing up a story on it with photos for the weekend edition. It was, however, a disappointing turnout at Elmslie Memorial Church. Not even half full for a wonderful concert of lovely singing and other entertainment, a harmonica solo and a “singing” saw and even a piano that sang, too. I kid you not.

If you weren’t there I hope you listened to it on Radio Cayman. I did receive one call from a friend who said she had listened in and it sounded wonderful.

It was and that concluded this awful week.

God is good and there is cheer. You have to physically, even if you don’t feel up to it, go out and get it.

Even driving down from Newlands last night to the Cantata was a joy. We took the South Sound Road scenic route and many homes were lit up with the most glorious Christmas lights. And of course the master home – The Boddens of Home Gas – was the winner. I think this year was one of their best and they did have some stiff competition. It really was a WOW.

I did manage to watch the Cayman27 Parade of Lights on the local telly and that was a delight too, except for the two break downs in transmission with no explanation nor apology. The boats were all beautifully lit and there seemed to be a very large crowd to that.

However, the Cayman Male Voice Choir outdid everything and finally restored my faith in humanity.

Amongst this madness there is still good – it just doesn’t get the publicity it deserves.

Good things are still out there…… come out and find them. I finally did.

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