September 17, 2021

The Editor Speaks: Cayman Islands goes to the polls

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I am NOT going to advise anyone on who to vote for. I pray you vote wisely and not just because the person running is family and/or a friend. Vote for whom you truly feel is the best person to run our beautiful country.


At no time before has every single vote counted. If you make a mistake it will take you FOUR YEARS to put it right.

Today (Wed 24) is a historic day. ONE MAN, ONE VOTE for EVERYONE!

The Progressives have been in power for four years and are begging you to give them another four years. They say they have laid the foundations for a bright future for everybody. They agree they have made mistakes and have been slow in implementing some of their promises. They point to what they inherited. They ask you to look back four years and what the utter mess the Cayman Islands was in.

“The laughing stock of the world”.

The United Kingdom looked upon the Cayman Islands then as a Dependent that could not be trusted to look after its own affairs. We were rebellious and there was a smell of corruption in the air.

That has now changed although some of the people standing, one notable Independent in Bodden Town, is advocating we go back to that stance of four years ago and the four years before. No lessons learned. Just dangerous rhetoric.

If you think it is time for change, just for the sake of change, then you must vote for the Independents. But PLEASE look at who really is Independent and not hiding with the other fourteen under the umbrella of a doctor. The doctor’s motives may be good only you can judge. However, for the doctor to be administering these candidates with money, the medicine that may be given out if they are elected might taste as medicines often do, FOUL!

Have you seen the Doctor’s (Dr Steve Tomlinson) flyer? Apart from the bashing of the Progressives he wants you to vote for the “Independents” (his 14) who support SIX “Economic Diversification”. FOUR out of the SIX are MEDICAL:

Medical Research Industry
Health Retreat
Pharmaceutical Factory
Surgical Simulation/Large Convention Center

Buried in the above is Solar Panel Assembly Plant and Infrastructure Development.

Isn’t that a conflict of interests?

I was given some heart when I watched the feeling of goodwill that was displayed at the Service for the Candidates a few Sundays ago. However, after watching the debates and the awful motorcade ambush with the remark from the leader of the group that perpetrated it that it was “Just Politics” I am full of sorrow and worry.

I must put that aside and God is the only person who knows. We will get the government we deserve. He does not pull the strings.

God be with all of you and have a very peaceful day and may your dreams come true.

I leave you with this prayer:

Prayer for candidates

Dear Lord

We pray for all the candidates standing in our election. You will do the choosing. And whoever your candidates of choice may be, we can rest in this – You, dear God have a plan. You are not pacing heaven’s floors, worried about who will win or what the latest polls show. You have called us to pray, to be salt and light, and to have a voice. We can trust that the outcome is in Your hands.

We therefore, pray that you will unify your people for the glory of your Name, that believers everywhere will rise up and stand together.

We pray that you will heal our land, and shine your face upon all the candidates and us. Our times are in Your hands.

In Jesus’ Name,


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