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The Editor speaks: Can you afford Valentine’s Day anymore?

Colin Wilson

According to a report carried by CNBC they say:

“Consumers ages 23 to 29 expect to spend an average of $266 on Valentine’s Day gifts, dining and more, according to

“Going all out to show on Instagram? Dinner for two, chocolates and the works adds up to more than $600.”

And it’s all because of social media.

The report continues:

“Millennials expect to go all out for their partners this Valentine’s Day. They also expect to be showered with gifts in return. And you can blame social media for it.

That’s the finding of a new survey from, which polled 1,019 people by phone last month.

Participants in the 23-to-29 age cohort anticipate spending an average of $266 on that special someone. They also think their partner will drop $260 on them.

“They are the generation most likely to spend the most,” said Kelly Anne Smith, a personal finance reporter at, speaking of millennials. “It makes a lot of sense: That generation is tapped into social media, which influences consumer spending.

“Moreover, seven out of 10 American adults say they’ll shell out an average of $200 on flowers, candy and more on Valentine’s Day, Bankrate found.”

The report concludes:

“Whether you’re hoping to pull out the stops for Instagram or to sweep your significant other off his or her feet, it will cost you.

“Flowers, candy, dinner out and the works runs an average total of $618, Bankrate found.”

They even publish some pretty charts:

Valentine’s Day Spending By Generation – it show us old ones spend much less – just over $100. I can assure you this very old one will spend much less than that. So what category does that put men in. Miser?

Be My Valentine Index – the cheapest item on that index is chocolates at just under $17 and the dearest is diamond earrings at $350 a pair.

These are US$ prices in the US. No guessing what they will be here.

To view the whole Report go to:

I can actually afford Valentine’s Day I don’t buy anything special. A few kisses for the wife don’t cost much but mean one hella of a lot!



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