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The Editor Speaks: Big pot. Small teacup. Who pays?

An example of how not to act was demonstrated to us by members of the Legislative Assembly yesterday ( Wed 12) when opposition members walked out.

All that was asked was an apology from offending MLA.

Small teacup. Answer “No” from offending MLA.

Big pot. Motion to suspend from Premier. Answer “Yes”.

Result. Walkout by opposition MLAs.

Question. Who pays for the walkout?

Answer. We do.

What was it all about?

Newlands MLA, Alva Suckoo, had implied by a remark that Speaker of the House, McKeeva Bush, was working with China Harbour Engineering Company. Suckoo did not mention China Harbour or any company name. Neither did he name any specific member during the debate on Cayman Brac held Thursday 6th Sep.

However, it was very clear he was referring to McKeeva Bush. Bush challenged Suckoo.

Suckoo claimed he had simply referred to rumours and letters circulating around. He did not mention any member by name.

As Bush was linked with China Harbour on a different cruise ship berthing facility when he was premier, and we have also published articles where Bush has put forward the name of China Harbour to other projects overseas, it was obvious to a complete dunce who Suckoo was referring to.

Bush also said it was obvious that he was the target of the comments.

Speaking in the Legislative Assembly yesterday (Wed 12) Bush said Suckoo and his colleagues “has persisted in trying to make out that the process of the cruise ships is sullied as they claimed I am in business with China Harbour. There is no truth to that.”

It is rumoured that China Harbour are one of the companies the government are talking to re- constructing our new cruise ship berthing facility. Government are tightly lipped about this rumour, which obviously gives credibility to it.

Bush demanded an apology and when that was not forthcoming he asked that disciplinary action be taken against Suckoo for attempting to impute improper motives on behalf of another member.

Oh my.

Instead of diffusing the situation by diplomacy, our Premier, Alden McLaughlin, decided to fill the tea cup with a big pot of now boiling liquid. He proposed a motion that Suckoo be suspended from the LA for the day. It was passed.

So much for a government of unity.

And so, like a bunch of sheep, the opposition back bench, followed by the leaderless MLA Kenneth Bryan, fell in behind their two leaders, Ezzard Miller and Suckoo (his Deputy) and walked out

Miller and Suckoo found time (they had plenty) to appear on Cayman27’s news last night. They were sure to get an easy ride there.

However, we the public pay them. Actually overpay them, to do their job and attend all sittings of the LA (and there are not many of them). The government continued on and there was complete unity there, excepting for MLA Bernie Bush. It is rumoured he has had a falling out with McKeeva Bush.

His teacup is now a smaller coffee one.



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