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The Editor speaks: Bernie bids “bye bye”

Colin Wilson

After clinging to the tail coat of his West Bay colleague House Speaker McKeeva Bush, Bernie Bush bid “Bye, bye” to the government benches, crossed the floor and joined the back benches.

It comes as no surprise as it has been obvious for some time there had been a falling out between the two Bush’s.

So Bernie has flown the bush he has perched in for some time and spread his wings.

He firmly believes his constituents are largely opposed to the cruise berthing facility project so he could not vote for something they, and now he, doesn’t believe in.

Some might believe he doesn’t have the vision McKeeva does.

He found it strange why a new independent environmental impact assessment had not been conducted to reassure people about these risks of the current plans, which have changed several times since 2015.

Perhaps he has forgotten that the reason for the change in the current plans were to address the concerns the original plans had raised in the previous environmental impact assessment?

He also raised concerns that Caymanians would lose their jobs from waterfront businesses that already existed in favour of the villainous multi-million dollar cruise sector. This is despite assurances from every government official that not only will their jobs will be protected but the proposed development will create even more.

I have faith in this country and its people who would never allow his fears to happen. Does he really think that there would be no protests, marches and the inevitable overthrow of the government if that came to fruition.

No, Bernie, that is absolute poppycock and you are playing the same game the opponents to the project have been crying. You should put your trust in your fellow Caymanians. They would rise as a fierce army against the cruise sector. An army bigger and better our Governor is implementing.

One only has to see how the local businesses suffer when the cruise ships don’t come in because of the inclement weather.

According to Bernie the cruise ships have done nothing to help this country.

Yes, of course, the cruise ship pay masters could do better and with more passengers landing everyone would do better.

And, like the objectors, you seem to have forgotten the cargo port. The objectors are even objecting to that being put on the Referendum paper with the cruise berthing facility. They are tied together, and have always been.

Look behind the picture, Bernie. Look at history, too.

I hope I am wrong and you are actually executing this move and your utterances because you sincerely believe them, and not for a personal problem you have with the Godfather of the House.

We will see at the Ballot Box when the next Election comes around whether it will be a permanent Bye, bye Bernie.


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