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The Editor Speaks: Another ‘FIND’

My wife, Joan, wrote a poem some years ago called “What a Find”. She had found an envelope full of a large amount of cash outside a local bank. She placed an ad on the local radio station, Radio Cayman, inviting people who had lost some money. They had to identify the envelope and the amount.

She was shocked at the number of persons who called in claiming they had lost money, all hoping Joan had found it.

Alas, for them, Joan hadn’t found theirs.

It wasn’t until the evening a man called and described the envelope and the amount. He was so pleased as it was money he had taken out to pay his staff.

This editorial is about a much more recent find. Very recent – just a few of days ago.

I made the find and Joan was the beneficiary.

The saga commenced after Joan and I had returned from the reception for the new governor at Government House last Monday.

We both sat down and watched a musical show on the television put on by record producer/musician/etal Don Wat. He seems to produce at least half of the shows where there is a house band and he is always there in the background. Hat, black glasses, black beard and always smiling. He plays either a guitar or a double bass he plucks. I’m sure you must have seen him from that description. There is no one like him.

We both commented on him.

Joan was tired and got ready for bed. Fifteen minutes later she came out in a panic. She had taken off her two watches (yes she always wears two – one watches the other one) and her earrings (three).

“I can’t find them,” she cried.” I took them off and put them down somewhere.”

I helped her look and half an hour later we gave up saying we were both tired and we would find them in the morning.

Morning came. We searched high and low.

Afternoon came. We searched again. Everywhere. Even in the unlikeliest of places.

Joan was now convinced someone from outside had crept in and stolen them. She was ready to call the police.

When I tell you she was going crazy over the disappearance of this jewelry that is an understatement.

One of the pieces was a Kon-Tiki watch struck immediately after the TheKon-Tiki expedition in 1947, a journey by raft across the Pacific Ocean from South America to the Polynesian islands. This watch is her prized possession.

I even called a friend over to help. We needed a fresh pair of eyes as I was convinced no one had stolen them. My wallet had been left all day and night on the dining room table and it was still there and no money missing.

It was now after 5pm and I went back into the bedroom and I prayed and prayed and prayed.

Whether you believe I am making this next part up doesn’t matter. However, after praying I saw a pair of Joan’s shoes lying on the floor by the bed turned on their sides. Of course there was nothing in them. A thought came to mind immediately. Joan’s shoes was the only place I hadn’t looked. Not once did I think how ridiculous. I went immediately into the huge closet by the bedroom and on the floor are lots and lots of different shoes Joan keeps. She is no different to other women.

I went straight to one shoe as if a hand was guiding me.

Yes. As soon as I lifted it up I felt the weight. There inside was the missing jewelry.

That really was a FIND.

Thank you God! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

PS. Would anyone have ever thought of looking for missing jewelry they had taken off in their shoe?


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