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The Editor speaks and police officers locate three missing persons in one day!

A very Happy New Year to all our readers and we look forward to a glorious 2018.

Everyone at iNews Cayman look forward to serving our readers even better. Let us know what you like what you don’t like and what you would like to see. We promise to look very closely at what you say.

Thank you for your support and our readership has almost trebled.

I leave you on a very happy story from the RCIPS:

Officers Locate Three Missing Persons in One Day, 27 December

Yesterday, 27 December, officers received three separate missing person reports, involving a child, an elderly tourist, and a teenager.  All persons were found in a timely manner and in good health, thanks to coordination of first responders and helpful assistance from members of the public.

Just before 2PM yesterday afternoon, 9-1-1 dispatched officers to a report of a missing older woman with memory problems and limited English, who was last seen near the Cayman Beach Suites.  Family members visiting the island with her were very concerned for her well-being. Officers obtained a photo of the woman, and transmitted the information over the radio; officers from DOE also responded to the scene and began scouring the beach along with police.  The woman was located, in good health, near the Ritz Carlton, and returned to relieved family members.Later that evening, around 6pm, police were also dispatched to a report of a missing 5-year-old boy who had last been seen at Public Beach.  He had been playing with his brother and disappeared when his parent turned away for a few minutes.  After a search the frantic parent could not locate the boy and called 9-1-1.  Officers searched the beach with members of the public who found the boy and returned him to his relieved parent at Calico Jacks.

Finally, late yesterday evening, just before midnight, officers on proactive patrol in the School House Road area of George Town came across two males behaving suspiciously, one of whom hurriedly departed as they approached.  When officers checked the residence into which he fled, they discovered a teenage girl who had been reported missing earlier.  The girl was taken into police custody and returned to her home in good health. The incident is being further investigated.

“Even though these reports are resolved happily in nearly all cases, they are extremely scary situations for those making the report, and we make a point of responding as quickly and thoroughly as we can,” said Inspector Courtney Myles, Head of the Neighbourhood Policing Department.



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