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The Editor Speaks: An apology from the Governor to the media (but not directly)

Colin WilsonwebEvans finally gets reply to attack on Cayman’s media by the Governor’s Office

Please see iNews Cayman story published July 17 2014 “Ex reporter stands up for Cayman’s media” at:

Also see my Editorial published July 15 2014 “I am proud to be part of Cayman’s media” at:

Both are referring to submissions to the Cayman Islands Information Commissioner by the Governor’s Office as one of their reasons to suppress the findings of Operation Tempura was because Cayman’s media is “wholly unregulated and uncontrolled”.

The Governor’s Office claimed the treatment in the local media of the complaint and report, “would be likely to give public currency to the unmerited allegations they contain rather than to clarify the position or promote greater public understanding of his decision”.

John Evans complained about this to a United Kingdom Member of Parliament about it calling the statements “an almost unprecedented attack on the media in the Cayman Islands by the Cayman Islands Governor’s Office”.

The MP he wrote to was Elizabeth Truss who in turn sent it to James Duddridge MP

Minister for Africa, the Overseas Territories, and the Caribbean.

This was his reply – I have taken out John Evans’ private address:


“Dear Liz

“Thank you for your letter of 29 July on behalf of your constituent, John Evans about Operation Tempura in the Cayman Islands. I am responding as Minister for the Overseas Territories.

“The Governor recently made a statement to the press on the Information Commissioner’s decision of 10 July which ordered the disclosure of a complaint made in relation to Operation Tempura and her predecessor’s response to this.

“There remain several allegations and cases related to Operation Tempura that are not concluded. The release of the documents at this time could potentially prejudice the progress of these and could breach a court order.

“In the submission to the Information Commissioner there is a reference to the unregulated nature of the media in the Cayman Islands. This was intended as a factual statement referring to there not being a press regulator in the Cayman Islands.

“It was not the intention of the Governor to disparage the role of a free press in Cayman nor meant as a reflection on the integrity, standards and professionalism of Cayman Island journalists. The Governor apologises for any offence caused if her submission did not make this clear.

[SIGNED] James Duddridge MP

“Minister for Africa, the Overseas Territories, and the Caribbean”

So there we have it. The Governor apologises but it came via the OTC Minister and sent to John Evans who kindly sent it to us.

That’s alright an apology is an apology. I can accept it. Sort of…

NOTE: We have a copy in our office of the original supplied by John Evans.






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