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The Editor Speaks: All MLA’s should be ashamed

Colin Wilsonweb2It was no laughing matter at the ridiculous antics being played out in the Legislative Assembly yesterday (13).

The political pronouncing that went on after the House was adjourned because there was no quorum was enough to sicken a fully fit man.

I even lost respect for Anthony Eden at his almost unintelligible remarks afterwards.

First of all the two private motions, one asking for an independent public enquiry into the events surrounding the search and rescue mission last month and a second motion of no confidence motion in the RCIPS, were both pointless and a waste of time.

The Governor has already started a search for suitable persons (although so far unsuccessfully) to enquire into the alleged shortcomings of the search and rescue mission and a no confidence debate in the RCIPS when they are without a police commissioner (well, very shortly) will do more damage to the officers that serve there.

However, the opposition decided they would go ahead anyway as they thought they had nothing to lose.

They did. They all looked ridiculous.

And the premier’s comment that he couldn’t attend because he had more urgent business was not going to win him any votes and he allowed himself to be used as a political football even if the opposition couldn’t find the right foot to score a goal.

The fact that he turned up twice (once in the morning but found Minister Rivers sitting in the House so he did a fast exit) and then in the afternoon to remind the Speaker there was no quorum, showed just how busy he was.

With the House emptying North Side MLA had to turn to the public gallery to sound off, whilst the Sergeant-at-Arms was trying to get rid of everybody up there.

And of course, Opposition Leader, McKeeva Bush, had to have his say and bring up the family members who had lost lives at sea and “have not had any answers”. He was also able to speculate at why the US Coast Guard has refused to undertake the review of the search and rescue. I won’t bother to repeat his speculation.

As for Miller’s assertion that Minister Wayne Panton was off island at an “insurance party” doesn’t deserve an answer.

I know East End MLA Arden McLean said something but I don’t remember what he said thankfully.

It was a day of shame for all participants and even those who chose or were told to stay away.


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