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The Editor Speaks: A man of principle

Colin Wilsonweb2It was with much sadness to learn founding member of the Progressives (People’s Progressive Movement – PPM), Anthony Eden, has left the party.

PPM leader, Premier Alden McLaughlin said the 70 year old MLA for Bodden Town’s departure left him disappointed, although it was “not entirely unexpected.”

It has been noticed that Eden has not always voted with the government’s motions. He has abstained or voted against them.

Eden will now become an independent lawmaker. The final straw that made him come to this decision is over the legal acceptance of same-sex unions in the Cayman Islands.

The Premier announced government’s intention to change Immigration Law regulations to allow same-sex partners to remain in Cayman as dependents on their partner’s work permit. He even said, “It was a matter of urgency”.

Almost immediately after this Eden said, “I have been contemplating in regards to the completeness of the discussion of the premier on same-sex marriage. I will take this opportunity to say to this House and my constituents I will no longer sit as a part of the PPM backbench. In the next meeting I will sit on the other side of the floor.”

Whether one agrees with Eden’s stance one must applaud him for sticking by his principles.

I am sure there are many of his colleagues who are opposed to same sex marriage but it is difficult to fight the law. As former Cayman law school professor Dr. Leonardo Raznovich said the Bible is not the Law.

Jesus battled with that all his short life.

If the Christian churches throughout the world had ALL banded together and openly opposed gay marriages with peaceful but massive demonstrations and other watering down of God’s commandments then the Bible would still be the law.

So all Christians are to blame starting with the church leaders.

And none of this watering down of Jesus’ teachings has converted more to Christianity. In fact the reverse has happened. The church should lead and not go along with the FLOW as Cable and Wireless want us to do.

Times might be changing but it is not for the good. And McLaughlin’s remark, “This is a train that is not going to stop coming. It has long left the station” might be true, however, trains get derailed and they do crash with loss of many lives.

And that is the truth.

Thank you, Tony Eden, you are indeed a man of good principles and not afraid to stand up for them.


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