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The Death of George Floyd [he was no innocent when it came to crime]

By Nathan’ Jolly’ Green. June 08, 2020

George Floyd was no innocent when it came to crime; he was from an early age, becoming a career criminal.

Unable to find work in Texas as an ex-prison convict, he moved to Minneapolis in 2014 for a fresh start after release from prison in Houston, having served time for aggravated robbery with a firearm

On the day of George Floyd’s death, Floyd was arrested by police officer Derek Chauvin, at whose forcible detention he met his death. An end that most decent people would declare unlawful and a disgrace, regardless of what we now know about Floyd’s past, and perhaps latest alleged behaviour.

Following a complaint from a store clerk, Floyd was approached and spoken to by two police officers outside the store while sitting behind the wheel of his car. Floyd was then pulled from the vehicle and handcuffed by the two police officers.

The police officer Derek Chauvin had knelt on his neck, after trying to get him into the back of a police car, which Floyd refused to enter. Floyd was arrested for allegedly paying for cigarettes with a fake $20 bill.

Some newspaper stories state that “None of the officers could have been aware of Floyd’s more than a decade-old criminal history at the time of the arrest.

But George Floyd and officer Derek Chauvin had worked at the same club, the El Nuevo night club in Minneapolis. Derek Chauvin as a security officer, and Floyd as a bouncer.

There is a distinct possibility that George Floyd and officer Derek Chauvin were acquainted, and the officer may have even known Floyd’s criminal background and that he was dealing with a man capable of violence.

The owner of El Nuevo Rodeo confirmed it was likely Derek Chauvin had “crossed paths” with George Floyd during their time working at the club.

It turns out that Floyd, a former bouncer at Minneapolis bar El Nuevo Rodeo, was a long-time co-worker of Officer Chauvin — who knelt on Floyd’s neck for nine minutes until he died.

Local politician Andrea Jenkins, who sits on Minneapolis’ City Council told NBC affiliate WRAL-TV “He knew George,”. “They were co-workers.” Jenkins went on to say to MSNBC that Chauvin and Floyd both worked at the same bar for years as well.

Chauvin and the three other officers involved in Floyd’s arrest have been dismissed from the force, a spokesperson for the Minneapolis Police Department confirmed. The case has now been turned over to Minnesota Attorney General, Keith Ellison, Minnesota’s governor, announced over the weekend. Chauvin has been transferred to a maximum-security facility.

The Floyd family believed that 46-year-old Lloyd had left behind his past in Houston after being released from prison stemming from a 2007 robbery, in which he plead guilty to entering a woman’s home, pointing a gun at her stomach and searching the house for drugs and money.

The financial cost of demonstrations, peaceful but angry, is acceptable whatever they should be. But the cost of billions of dollars in the looting and burning of property and vehicles is not. Neither is the violence, the murders, setting police 0fficers on fire, looting, arson, and destruction, unacceptable under any circumstances, and cannot be excused.

It was not only George Floyd who had a violent background, Police officer Chauvin, who joined the force in 2001, had been involved in several other violent incidents.

But perhaps most police officers in Minneapolis are subject to being involved in the inherent violence in the communities in which they work.

In 2006, according to a database by Minneapolis’ Communities United Against Police Brutality, Chauvin was involved in the fatal shooting of a man who stabbed two people before reportedly turning a gun on police.

In 2008, Chauvin shot a man who allegedly reached for an officer’s gun during a domestic-violence call. (The man survived the shot.)

In 2011, he was one of five officers placed on a standard three-day leave after the non-fatal shooting of a Native American man. The officers returned to work after the force determined that they had acted “appropriately.” (Another officer, not Chauvin, fired the shot.)

Communities United Against Police Brutality also faulted Chauvin indirectly for the deaths of three people that Chauvin and another officer were chasing after a crime in 2005, were struck by a car.

Minneapolis’ Office of Police Conduct complaint database shows seven complaints against him, although all are listed as “closed,” “non-public,” and resulting in “no discipline.”

The city’s Civilian Review Authority, which lists complaints before September 2012, reveals five more complaints, which are also closed and resulted in no discipline.

A prisoner at a Minnesota prison sued Chauvin and seven other officers for “alleged violations of his federal constitutional rights” in 2006, although the case was dismissed.

Since the death of George Floyd, a GoFundMe for Floyd’s family has raised more than $7 million.

Black Lives Matter, so do all lives, some politicians in the Caribbean have treated the citizens as if the only lives that matter is their own, and those of their family. People have been processed, metaphorically speaking, as if they had a knee on their neck and the whole country is choking to death. With black police beating black people, worse than any white policeman behaves in America. The politicians allow it to happen and condone it by saying nothing.


  1. The USA has seen many violent protests and looting over the last few days sparked off by a white police officer killing of George Floyd. These have taken place under the black lives matter slogan.  Many people including politicians are claiming that this was a race crime and indicative of regular USA police and of broader white Americas treatment of black men.  What is the evidence of a race crime other than the fact that the two men had different races?  Many have called the white police officer who had his knee on the back of Floyd, a white supremacist even though he is married to a Laotian woman.  One of the other police officers involved used to volunteer as a tutor for Somali immigrants.  One of the other officers is a member of the minority Hmong people who escaped war in Vietnam.  Are these officers racists who wanted to murder a black man while knowingly being filmed?

    George Floyd should never have been killed.  He should have been put into the back of a police car.  What many people do not know is that three officers tried peacefully to put the handcuffed Floyd into a police car and he resisted and rolled on the ground.  It was only then that the police officer placed his knee on Floyds back.  New video evidence shows that when Floyd was first arrested he dropped a small bag with a white substance (drugs?).  We also now know from the autopsy that Floyd was high on illegal drugs and had Covid19 at the time of his arrest.  What are the effects of these during a forceful knee on the back, I cannot say.  I do not know why the officer had his knee on Floyds back for so long.    We also know that the officer had a history of being tough on suspects black and white.  We also know that Floyd had a violent history with several arrests and did prison time.  Floyd was once arrested after he shoved a gun into a womans stomach as he and his accomplices robbed her.  It is said that she was pregnant at the time.   There were no protests against that behavior.

    Let us also not forget that it was a black shop assistant who first called the police regarding Floyd after Floyd appeared drunk and tried to pay with counterfeit money.  The store assistant tried to give the counterfeit note back but Floyd refused, was abusive and left with the “purchased goods”.  Floyd did not deserve to die but he was not a good man either. If we are looking to Floyd as an innocent martyr then its best we chose another example.

    How many people have heard of Tony Timpa?  He was a man who called 911 on 16 August 2016 and died in a similar manner to Floyd.  Yes thats right, the man who called the police, died in cuffs under the knee of a police officer.  He told police that he suffered from schizophrenia and depression and was off his medication and he needed help.   The police admitted that he didnt resist arrest nor did he try assault them but body cam video shows Timpa was pinned down for 14 minutes and died.  There were no protests regarding his death, no big memorials, and certainly no mention by Trevor Noah.  The difference was that he was white. 

    Now let us examine the broader allegation of white people in general and police in particular systematically targeting black people because of race.  This is best dealt with by examining the facts and statistics on record.  Below are a just a few stats.
    The 2013 FBI Crime Report expanded homicide table 6 has the number of Blacks killed by whites at 0.77 per 1 million (members of the murderers race) whereas the number of whites killed by blacks is a staggering 9.83 per 1 million.  This means that means that a white person is about TEN TIMES more likely to be killed by a black person than visa versa despite the fact that black people comprise only 16% of the USA population.
    According to the US Department of Justice, African Americans accounted for 52.5% of all homicide offenders from 1980 to 2008. The offending rate for African Americans was almost 8 times higher than Whites, and the victim rate 6 times higher. Most homicides were intraracial, with 84% of White victims killed by Whites, and 93% of African American victims were killed by African Americans. – Cooper, Alexia (2012). Homicide Trends in the United States, 1980-2008. p. 3. ISBN 978-1249573241.
     Let that sink in.  More than 52% of the murders were committed by the 16% minority.  The figures are even worse for robbery.   According to the National Crime Victimization Survey in 2002, robberies with white victims and black offenders were more than TWELVE times more common than vice versa.
    Now lets us look at the allegations of large numbers of police shooting black people. According to the Washington Post, in 2019 a total of 991 suspects were shot by the police. Of those 56 were unarmed people who were shot and killed by the police and of those only 15 were black.  The far majority of unarmed suspect shot by the police were white even though the far majority of murders and robberies are committed by black men. BTW Among those classified as unarmed are people who tried to ram their cars into police.

    It is often said that white police officers do not respond to crimes in black areas and thus black areas are under policed. With no laws to limit where black and white people may stay, are there really still black and white areas in the USA? Interestingly the shop assistant who made the 911 call to police about Floyd was not white and police responded quickly.

    Is the behavior of Black Policemen and White Policemen any different?  
    New research from Michigan State University and University of Maryland reveals that white police officers are not more likely to shoot minorities citizens than non-white officers. The research from the two US universities also pour cold water on the idea of white police officers going out their way to kill black suspects.  According to Joseph Cesario, co-author and professor of psychology at MSU. “There are so many examples of people saying that when black citizens are shot by police, it’s white officers shooting them. In fact, our findings show no support for the idea that white officers are biased in shooting black citizens.”
    The findings—published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, or PNAS – are based on an independent database Professor Cesario and his team created that catalogued each and every police shooting from 2015. The team—led also by co-author Professor David Johnson from University of Maryland—contacted every police department that had a fatal police shooting to get the race, sex and years of experience for every officer involved in each incident. The team also leveraged data from police shooting databases by The Washington Post and The Guardian.  “We found that the race of the officer doesn’t matter when it comes to predicting whether black or white citizens are shot,” Cesario said. “If anything, black officers are more likely to shoot black citizens”  “Many people ask whether black or white citizens are more likely to be shot and why. We found that crime rates are the driving force behind fatal shootings,” Cesario said. “Our data show that the rate of crime by each racial group predicts the likelihood of citizens from that racial group being shot.” & “We hear about the really horrendous and tragic cases of police shootings for a reason: they’re awful cases, they have major implications for police-community relations and so they should get attention,” Cesario said. “But, this ends up skewing perceptions about police shootings and leads people to believe that all fatal shootings are similar to the ones we hear about. That’s just not the case.” So the evidence shows that white officers are not more likely than black officers to shoot black citizens but black citizens are more likely to embark on criminal actions.

    So to sum up this aspect, black people in the USA account for over 50% of the murderers in the USA but only account for 16% of the population. According to the National Crime Victimization Survey in 2002, robberies with white victims and black offenders were more than TWELVE times more common than vice versa. Are white police really the problem?
    We are told about the income differences between black and white Americans however again lets look at the data.  For some years now there have been laws on the statute book that outlaw discrimination in hiring, promotion and in the workplace in general. Google for eg has been found to hire a disproportionate number of Asian men thus leading to claims of racial discrimination but when google placed ads only for women black and latinos then they faced law suite as well. Currently Asian men are still vastly over represented at Google I will quote from Thomas Sowells book Discrimination, Economics and Culture.   As far back as 1969, black males who came from homes where there were newspapers, magazines, and library cards had the same incomes as white males from similar homes and with the same number of years of schooling. (He cites Richard B. Freeman Black Elite, Chapter 4).    In the 1970s, black husband-and-wife families outside the South earned as much as white husband-and-wife families outside the South.(U. S. Bureau of the Census, Current Population Reports, Series P-23, No. 80 (Washington: U. S. Government Printing Office, no date), p. 44) 
    By 1981, for the country as a whole, black husband-wife families where both were college educated and both working earned slightly more than white families of the same description. ( 6. U. S. Bureau of the Census, Current Population Reports, Series P-20, No. 366 (Washington: U. S. Government Printing Office, 1981), pp. 182, 184). 
    By 1989, black, white, and Hispanic males of the same age (29) with the same IQ (100) who worked year-around all averaged between $25,000 and $26,000 in annual income. (Richard J. Herrnstein and Charles Murray, The Bell Curve: Intelligence and Class Structure in American Life (New York: The Free Press, 1994), p. 323.).
    Sowell goes on to state: “In various ways, these data all tell the same story—that similar cultural inputs lead to similar economic outputs across racial lines.” 
    We all accept the fact that discrimination exists to varying degree in different places but we hear of how terrible things are in the states with racism causing all sort of made up ills leading black people to crime in the USA. so it may help but to compare the USA homicide rate with a nearby country with no anti black racism. Few would claim that there is any anti Black racism in Jamaica.  Jamaica has a 99% black population and is viewed as a paradise.  
    Jamaica’s homicide rate for 2018 was 47 per 100 000 .
    The USA homicide rate for 2018 was 5 per 100 000 
    The number of people shot and killed by police in Jamaica in 2018 was 140 in a country with a population of 2.6 million or 0.54 per 100 00.
    The number of people of all races shot and killed by the USA police was 991 in a country with a population of 327 million or 0.003 per 100 000.  Is this what the world is protesting about?

    According to an Amnesty International report dated April 2001 they documented many cases of police brutality in Jamaica, some amounting to torture. Victims commonly include criminal suspects and their relatives, as well as children and women. Documented methods have included beatings, burns with hot irons, suffocation in water and mock executions.   Where are the international protests?
    Does anti black racism in the USA really affect the crime rate? If yes then does the absence of anti black racism have an impact on crime in Jamaica? We have this past week seen the psychological effects of white on black crime on black people in the USA, however what are the Psychological effects (of the black on white crime) on the white people in the USA bearing in mind that robberies with white victims and black offenders were more than TWELVE times more common than vice versa and a white person is about TEN TIMES more likely to be killed by a black person than visa versa. I will end by saying nobody should have died like Floyd died that day and All lives matter

    • Why are you trying to minimise what was done? George Floyd and a knee to the NECK, NOT his friggin back as you state. I didn’t bother to read the rest of your S*** after “I do not know why the officer had his knee on Floyds back for so long.”

      • Purely from a neutral stand point, calling someone’s case “Shit” and completely ignoring someone’s points highlights that you are not being subjective. In fact, this is exacerbated through the fact that you say his argument is minimising what was done when he never down plays the fact that a man was killed by a policemen. I quote: “nobody should have died like Floyd died’. Surprisingly, the reason you did not know this is because you did not read what the man had to say. As a result, your message is very hypocritical as you accuse someone of falsifying information when you are doing the same yourself.

      • Did you read it ? Because CLEARLY you didn’t gorge wasn’t destroyed by the colour off his skin he refused to get in the police car as Chauvin then had to !i agree that he shouldn’t of done that but if he refused when committed crime repeatedly He had to it

      • Half the issue in place here is your promotion of the neck versus back or whatever other kneeled on body part.
        What you are completely ignorant to and a serious major concern to be honest is your complete ignorance to the message Peter has wrote and the content involved. Categorically pinpointing so many relevant facts that are pushed aside and even swept under the carpet. No one deserves to be killed in this way. There is no excusing the act or commending the officers way of restraining George so aggressively to then cut his air wave and suffocate in such a tragic manor.
        But, the argument from BLM is for justice and equality. George Floyd did not deserve either as he was a nasty, callus, evil, selfish, drug ridden, raw criminal who picked on the unfortunate for his own benefit and had nothing to do with racial matters, he would pick his victims both black and white and torture them to benefit his own addictive irregularities. An innocent black person arrested and treated in such a way would be totally inexcusable but the evidence involved gives nothing but self inflicted negativity towards Mr Floyd and he put himself in a position that became his on misfortune. He did not deserve to die but it was just a matter of time before someone else killed him and probably, statistically I promote, from another black American in time.

    • One of the most brilliant comments ever! Marry me. Lol. I’m European, from a country that never had slaves, a country that has been oppressed in the past. I hate this yankee PC snowflake culture spreading everywhere via social media. Ppl using these fancy trendy words such as microaggressions” and “cultural appropriation”. You can’t own a hairstyle or the way you dress. By accusing others of such things and separating yourself from others by colour, YOU are being racist. Bit you, as in the person who left this comment, haha. ANYBODY can be racist despite their colour, and the US is not the centre of the world and i truly wish that ppl would stop being so damned aggressive and thinking that things work the same way in every country. These BLM protestors, as well as the LGBTQwhatever communities are getting so aggressive, even physically, and they are living in a paradox; They claim to be tolerant but they can’t tolerate intolerance. If someone isn’t hurting others by words or actions, they have the freedom to be intolerant towards those others. Also, hate cannot be cured with hate. Like, in my country, many refugees and immigrants don’t get hired simply because they don’t speak the language(s) or they speak it very poorly, or they lack the skills/education. Nothing to do with colour. Social medias’ agendas; divide and conquer. When ppl are hysterical, divided, and scared, they are more suscetible to manipulation. The nonstop overflow of stimuli is destroying your brain. Ppl have stopped being critical about the information they are fed and they don’t do their own research. The way things are going is alarming. And the amount of hate on the internet forums is baffling. I know this comment is late but I was watching a boy scouts documentary and saw a black man wearing a Floyd rights t shirt and I was like “you’ve got to be kidding me”. He was a criminal and that incident had nothing to do with race. If you want racism to end, stop separating yourselves first. You are wearing western style clothes, wearing wigs to mimic hairstyles of other races. Everybody should have that right. But ppl are attacking white celebs in my country for having dreadlocks. That never happened before social media kicked in. Dreads and braids etc have been used by all cultures for thousands of years. If you go to Africa they will happily braid your hair no matter what your skin colour is. Mimicking is also a form of flattery. Is this the price we pay for individualism? Assholes come in all colours. 😛

  2. Before jumping onto the bandwagon and glorifying criminal behaviours be it from Government agencies or from nefarious individuals, I am grateful for this bit of information from Nathan’ Jolly’ Green. We would all also agree that although George Floyd was a career criminal, nevertheless good behaviour was indeed demanded from those arresting him.

    However, the liberal left persistent silence against worst behaviours in Venezuela, Nicaragua, SVG, and Iran, Turkey, Zimbabwe and many parts of Africa, smacks of utter hypocrisy.

    Further, we would all also agree that racial prejudice, bigotry and discrimination is rampant in St Vincent and the Grenadines and other parts of the Caribbean. The Liberal left however, only finds a voice for an agenda that leads to more state controls, poverty and Stalinist totalitarianism.

  3. Seriously, this was criminal made out to be saint. Give me a break. Bullshit. I don’t care what color he was. I know that he wouldn’t have had police called on him if he wouldn’t have broken the law. Why are we separated by color?.It makes no difference. A criminal is just that, a criminal. Despite the color of his skin

    • You’ve gotta be kidding me how dumb could you be? The cops were called so that gave them the right to kill an unarmed man? Who was crying to his mother while he was dying? Which they refused to get off of him as he cried for his dead mother begging for them to get off of him? You have gotta be out of your goddamn mind if you think it was justified. The cop is obviously human garbage for doing what he did even if George Floyd was in the wrong it doesn’t matter he was murdered out of spite and because he was black other cops are joining the riots and protests so what does that tell you? I’ll spell it out for you since your probably unable you comprehend it. OTHER COPS BLACK AND WHITE ARE DISGUSTED BY WHAT HAPPENED AND THINK IT WAS RACISM!!! So before you try to justify something you know nothing about research it first scumbags

      • Have any cities burned down as a result of the bloodshed of innocent 5 year old cannon? He was killed point blank range to a bullet to the head. Look him up! Tell me where the injustice lies and who exactly acting like a group of animals

  4. Omg I am so tired of people separating them self from what we really are. We are all American. Period. Stop calling your self African American, unless you came from Africa, you are a damn American period. If you want to put an end racism then stop separating yourself. What is so hard about patriasm! I’m sick of hearing people separated by color. If you were born here you are an American. Period!

  5. Fuck George floyd! This idiot was a criminal, if he wouldn’t have committed a crime, then he wouldn’t have had the police called on him. Stop sticking up for a criminal who chose to do criminal act

  6. That’s not a “career criminal.” That a man who committed one crime, got branded a convict, and after that his life was never the same. That’s the “justice” system in America. The man struggled to make a living, and along the way in trying to get by committed a few more petty offenses over the years. This is not a “career criminal.” Career criminals do it for a living, and are good at it. This is a very occasional offender who had tried a number of other ways to pull himself up.

    Ultimately what does it matter? He was arrested over a fake $20 bill. Twenty bucks. He was respectful and he pleaded for his life. He explained he was traumatized because he had been shot at in the past. He begged. He said “I can’t breathe” twenty times. He said he was dying.

    Police are not supposed to be killing people.
    And focusing on the pecadillos of the victim is pretty fucking shitty.

    • Respectful?? The black shop owner called the cops because he was stealing from her and would not take back his forged bill and walked out with unpaid merchandise. What’s your problem thinking this is respectful?? And pointing a gun at a pregnant woman’s belly is what – cute and sweet?? One dollar or a million – No one wants to be stolen from. The issue is stealing, not how much. Stealing is wrong – period. It’s also called shop lifting – a crime.

  7. All this arguing leads us to no where do you think saying these words shall change anything all i can say is that george floyd was a criminal and did try to get a fresh start and i do not balme the cop because i know the cop just tried getting him in the car but he did not had to put his knee on floyds neck and while we all having this chat of ‘who did what’. we should focus on stopping this war and it does not matter what color you are floyd did fo a crime but not a big one! sure he was a criminal in his past but he tried changing so i hope u all understand we all must not blame one guy i agree with the floyd and the cop and i blame floyd and the officer this message may make u think is dumn or isnt true its just mu opinion thank if your were reading this long

    • The thing is that when a police man arrests you you have to obey they’re authorized to shoot if things goes wrong ( i admit it has nothing to do with George ) second fact is that he pointed a gun on a fckin pregnant women this man was trash he did not deserve to die but if he pulled the trigger of his gun at that time (nobody would’ve talked about this ) he would have killed to living beings .

  8. These violent career criminals should not be used by “Black Lives Matter” as martyrs. Using these scumbags does harm to their movement. If you are hispanic, white, or black……do not resist arrest and things will go way better.

  9. I agree with many of the responses. This man was a lifelong criminal, so PLEASE don’t pretend he was an innocent victim!!! By the time of his arrest, he was arrested and convicted for 19 crimes, one in which he pistol whipped a pregnant lady looking for drugs and money. He had 5 children with 5 different women. The crap his family is sharing is bull crap! They are 28 million dollars richer. What do you think they’re going to say. The man was high from Fentanyl and Meth..with his height and weight, he could have taken on a dozen of officers. I’ve seen it happen many times in my career. Wake up people!! This man was not a gentle giant…in fact he was a dangerous man who was finally caught.

  10. Black lives do matter but George Floyd was a low life, he should not be made a martyr, he didn’t deserve it.

  11. Come on, everybody, have you no compassion on him? He had been an athlete, specifically by the sport of basketball. I found out that one of the petitions show that he has been given justice with a victory mark. And I agree with Nicola that George didn’t deserve to die. In this century, he didn’t do anything bad, and those are the honest words. Let God purify his soul for it! Respect his remaining family, will you?

  12. The whole Floyd thing is a joke.The man was just another black criminal thug indistinguishable from all the others.He was not “murdered” either,he simply died from other factors in the process of being apprehended.For heavens sake,chauvin was too light and too little to have hurt Floyd in any way.His knee was on the shoulder not the neck.Even if it had been on the neck,it wouldn’t have caused death from the back of the neck.The photo is very dramatic looking and easily misinterpreted by people who are more emotional than perceptive.Those cities were burned down for NOTHING and the family didn’t deserve one thin dime.It should be clear to all that there is an agenda in portraying all blacks as “victims” of white racism,regardless of circumstance or context.Meanwhile,all the legitimate white victims of non-white violence are ignored.Where are the protests for the whites,many of them children,who were brutally assaulted or murdered by blacks? We haven’t heard one word about them and that’s by design,not accident.We immortalize a black thug and name landmarks after him,but white victims? Who cares about them.If white Americans were right in the head they would not tolerate this nonsense.Our white children are drawing pictures of Floyd in crayons in kindergarten to show support.What’s wrong with this picture??

  13. The us is on a diversity drug habit like cocaine in the 80s. You cannot watch CBS without at least 1 racial justice story every day. Even when Russia attached Ukraine, CBS chose to cover that for 3 minutes. Then 10 minutes of George Floyd 3 officer verdicts and Aubrey trial. Throw in Briana and all the boxes are ticked. Make sure to remind us every day CBS. I just don’t care anymore with all this constant force feeding of diversity. BLM burnt down a city and we’re all supposed to be like ‘ah… That’s fine’. In my opinion Minneapolis should have just been left in ashes.

  14. Who cares? It’s yesterday’s news and blacks are still racist and can’t find a decent way to better themselves. It’s all between your ears. Use it and stop feeling sorry for people who have no desire to improve the value of their property or yours.


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