November 24, 2020

The Editor speaks: The Crown loses, again

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Not surprisingly, the crown’s case against the two men who were charged with robbing two visitors at Barefoot Beach, in East End last February, ended with no case to answer against one of the men and the second man was found not guilty. I say not surprisingly not out of any malice or complaints about our legal system, but when the key witness was shot dead and the third co-defendant who pleaded guilty to the crime refused to testify against the others, it leaves the prosecution a difficult case to prove. In this case it was not the police’s fault, nor was it the Judge’s fault. Sadly, it still goes down as another case the crown has lost.

Madame Speaker refuses to speak

Even though iNews Cayman was not contacted regarding the letter written to Mary Lawrence, the Speaker of the House, on behalf of four other media houses, requesting the speaker to at least reconsider the cell phone and BlackBerry ban, we most certainly would have added our name to it.

The leader of the opposition, Hon. Alden McLaughlin, has called publicly on the Speaker to address the situation. “This is a deplorable state of affairs,” he said, “We must address it as a matter of urgency.”

Mr. McLaughlin complained last Friday (2) in the Legislative Assembly (LA) that [because of the unexplained ban on all forms of electronic equipment including even iPads and laptops] there were no media in the gallery press box. He said it was an affront to democracy and the LA “should not be stuck in the Middle Ages.”

I have to endorse one of the other media house reporter’s comments when she said recently, “It’s not possible for reporters from any modern news organisation to function properly without their phones.”

It seems astonishing why Mary Lawrence has taken this stand and has not responded to the various complaints from other news media houses. Even requests to meet with her on the subject have met with rejection.

For the time being we will have to sit in the reception area on more comfortable seats and listen to the live broadcast from Radio Cayman. I hope microphones are not on her list of electronic equipment to be banished!

Elmslie Church car park closed by the police

Due to the Cayman Islands Marathon on Sunday (4) which commenced outside the bar and restaurant, Breezes by the Bay, the large congregation who attend Sunday Worship at the Island’s most senior and prestigious church, Elmslie Memorial United, were banned by the RCIPS from gaining access to their own car park. In fact their worshippers couldn’t use any of the adjoining car parks because they were already full of cars used by the marathon spectators/participators. As a high proportion of Elmslie’s congregation is either very elderly or mothers with babies it really was an inconvenience and should be addressed at next year’s marathon.

The church already has to put up with loud noise from the heavy vehicles coming out of the loading area at the Port facility and the awful ‘racket’ coming next door that penetrates the services from another nearby bar/restaurant.

The minister at last Sunday’s service was “not amused.”

Finally, last Sunday, traffic trying to get into George Town via Shedden Road couldn’t even go around the Post Office, even after the Marathon was completed. Cones had been placed by the RCIPS just before and vehicles had to do a ‘U’-turn, despite the road around the Post Office being completely clear. I know. I was made to do this even though I was trying to retrieve my mail. But I suppose the walk from the First Caribbean car park did give me some useful exercise! Stop complaining, Wilson!

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