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The Boring Company’s LA tunnel is poised for December opening

By Mariella Moon From engadget

Elon Musk might not have overpromised for this one.

The Boring Company’s traffic-dodging LA test tunnel might truly be able to give people free rides this December. Company chief Elon Musk hasrevealed on Twitter that he’s just walked the full length of the “disturbingly long” tunnel and that it’s on track for its December 10th opening party. He previously promised an opening event for that night followed by free rides for the public the next day.

Elon Musk


Walked full length of Boring Co tunnel under LA tonight. Disturbingly long. On track for opening party Dec 10. Will be very one-dimensional.

The company’s tunnels will have Loop shuttles that can carry pedestrians, cyclists and even private vehicles at speeds reaching 150mph. Boring’s goal is to offer people rides on those shuttles for as little as $1 in an effort to alleviate traffic problems in big cities.

Musk is known for being a bit too optimistic when it comes to his companies’ timelines, so some people were understandably skeptical that Boring would be able to stick to its target date. If everything goes well, we might see a glimpse of the firm’s vision in a few weeks.

IMAGE: The Boring Company

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