July 25, 2021

The best hard drive recovery software- Updated 2021

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Hard drive recovery is an important and trickiest task of this time. Many people think that it is not possible to recover the data from a hard drive, and they just think their drive is unable to perform well. But it is not true at all. The hard drive recovery is possible with some tricks and roles. As there are many ways to get back the important files and documents from the crashed hard drive, but the most authentic way is the use of recovery software that is acceptable and fastest as well. Now the question is which software is good to recover the hard drive and which software works well to get back the deleted files from the drive. Therefore, here we will discuss the top recovery software that is designed for the hard drive. Stay here and get the complete details about hard drive recovery software according to the latest updates of 2021.

The What is Hard Drive Recovery Software

When you have accidentally deleted the files and important documents and do not know how to recover them.Then at this time the recovery software works like a magic, the software is designed to fulfill your requirements and give back the files and safely recover them. The use of recovery software is good enough as compared to recovering the data from manual and other ways.

Best Software for Hard Drive Recovery

1.   EaseUs Data Recovery Software

This is one of the best free recovery software that will help you to get back the files from deleted disk, formatting disk, and the disk becomes damaged and unrecognized.  The user can easily recover the deleted files, photos, videos, audio music, emails from any storage.


ü  This software is virus and plugin free.

ü  Easily repair damaged media.

ü  It offers to resay 3 step recovery.


û  Its pro version is costly.

2.   Wise Data Recovery Software

This recovery software also works free of cost and helps to recover the lost data from disk, SD card, USB flash drive, mobile phones, and digital cameras. This software performs well to give back the data from a supported device.


ü  Comes with free bad fast scanning speed.

ü  It also recovers filter files with categories.

ü  Provides the portable version for data recovery.


û  For unspotted formats, it shows messy and difficult codes.

3.   Recover My Files Software

This software is specially designed for windows. It performs well for the recycle bin recovery, OS reinstallation recovery, formatted data recovery, and many others like photos, audio, and video files.  Another hand comes with some old-fashioned interference that is not understandable for every user.


ü  It allows us to scan the backup for a proper partition.

ü  Easily adjust the layout of the items.

ü  It supports conventional storage devices.


û  Its data recovery software is complex as compared to others.

4.   TestDisk Software

It is also a well-developed software that is designed to recover the deleted files and documents from the hard drive.  This is open-source software that you detect has modified it according to the needs. It helps to fix the partition table, recover the boot sector, and many more.


ü  Helps in recovering the lost partition.

ü  It recovers different file formats.

ü  Fix the disk without any booting.


û  Repairs damaged partition but not files.

5.   Windows File Recovery Software

This recovery software is freely available for the window 10 version. It is helpful to recover different types of files from the hard drive like JPEG, PNG, office files, MP3, zip files, and other devices. it is not recommended for the newbies because some expertise is important before using it.


ü  It can recover all types of files.

ü  Works free of cost to get back the deleted files.

ü  Provides extra features to permanently delete the data.


û  It only works for windows 10 and above it.

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