July 23, 2021

The advanced technology that’s powering hospital innovation

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screen-shot-2015-02-19-at-10-34-57-amBy Lyndsey Gilpin, From Tech Republic

Perfint Healthcare makes Maxio, a guided robotic system that helps take doctors through cancer diagnostics, pain care, and surgeries. It can do things such as find exactly where to place a needle in a tumor more accurately than even a human doctor could. The robots have been wheeled around about 1,500 hospitals around the world so far.
Image: Perfint Healthcare

TUGs are smart courier robots made by Aethon taking over simple tasks in UC San Francisco’s new medical center. It 6332358811e2137496dczdoes deliveries, so staff can better focus on the more important parts of their job. They can carry loads of up to 1,000 pounds and are great for carrying things like linens, equipment, and paper work. It does its job with the help of many sensors and a camera.
Image: Aethon

screen-shot-2015-02-19-at-12-33-46-pmHigh-tech patient rooms
Robots aren’t the only advanced technology at the UCSF Medical Center. The hospital also offers MRI and CT scan rooms that show scenes of places around the world and allow patients to browse the web. The patient rooms also have tablets with which they can Skype friends, email doctors, or order food.

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