September 20, 2020

Texas man accused of eating his still alive dog while high on drugs


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Last month, a man in Florida, suspected of being high on a synthetic drug, was shot dead while eating the face of another man.

On Tuesday (26), KAIT TV reports that a Texas man, believed to be “tripping on drugs,” has been arrested after consuming his own dog while it was still alive.

According to Tuesday’s report, witnesses observed 22-year-old Michael Daniel of Waco, Texas, assault people around him before he began to attack the dog.

Daniel was observed beating, strangling, and finally, tearing at the dog’s flesh with his teeth, back on June 14.

The dog died shortly thereafter from injuries sustained in the brutal attack.

According to the New York Daily News, Daniel, like the infamous Florida face-eater, was high on synthetic marijuana known as “spice,” or “K-2.”

When the authorities arrived to the home, they found Daniel covered in blood on his face and clothes. Daniel was taken to a hospital and then arrested on Monday for felony animal cruelty.

K-2 is considered a “designer” drug which is known for creating a quick, intense high, followed by extreme paranoia and acute psychosis.

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