September 29, 2020

Teenage Krav Maga


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Cayman: Teenage Krav Maga Summer Training Camp



5 weeks of fitness, martial arts, self defense, health, nutrition, leadership and motivation training for your son or daughter with Cayman’s Premier training facility, The Academy

Do you want your child heading back to school fitter,stronger and more confident in every way? 

Of course you do!

We are here to help!

Over 125 hours of physical and mental training that will have your teenager fighting fit and ready for anything

The whole course is geared towards education and motivation. How to eat better, move better, think better and most of all feel and look better!

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With everything from boxing to Jiujitsu and motivational psychology through to leadership training, our reap life ex British military training specialist will take your son/daughter on a fun, challenging but rewarding journey towards achieving their belt and certification in Krav Maga self defense
Refreshments and snacks from Green2Go, training uniforms, manuals, belt, certificate and training is provided as part of the course

Now this is only open to 12 participants as we want to ensure you are getting the best level of instruction and attention for your child
These places will go very fast! 

So if you want to give your teenager the gift of health, wellness and confidence, contact us NOW and don’t miss out on this incredible course

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