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Cayman: ICCI takes an international approach to Technology education

Students at the International College of the Cayman Islands presented their final papers to IT professionals on Sunday September 8, 2019. The papers covered topics such as technology in human health and welfare, computers and AI in everyday life, the place of science and technology in society, the impact of technology on the environment, and ethics in the digital space. In preparation for the presentations the 11 students along with 2 instructors, travelled to Silicon Valley, San Francisco California, and spent 8 days meeting with industry leaders from Google, Facebook, Twitter, Colovore, Brave, and Stanford University.

The delegation also had an opportunity to visit the Intel Museum, the Computer History Museum, and Tech Interactive Science and Technology Center to learn more about the history and the impact of computers on our world.

“Seminars are important and help our students to broaden their perspective on a myriad of topics from local explorations of our three islands to entrepreneurship, technology and finance, on an international scale”, remarked Dr Aleza Beverley, Dean and Chief Academic Officer.

“The international seminar brings learning to life for our students through the places visited and the bonding experience of travelling, learning and having fun together. This creates a special learning environment that I think is important”, said Dr Aleza Beverly

One of the hallmarks of the seminar experience is the community service initiative that provides the students an opportunity to give back. This seminar had students visiting and giving service to the Second Harvest Food Bank of Silicon Valley who are helping to fight an epidemic in the San Francisco area where one in every four persons may be at risk of hunger or homelessness.

“We were happy to play a part in the fight. We are showing our students that giving back and being socially responsible is a part of being a professional”, said Melisa Hamilton one of the course Instructors.

The seminar culminated with the students organizing a presentation event and invite the College President, Dr. Byron Coon; Dean and Chief Academic Officer; Dr, Aleza Beverly; parents and supporters as well as course instructors Robert Lynch and Melisa Hamilton. Students also invited industry professionals to hear presentations on their experience and their take on how to apply the concepts covered to impacting or improving systems here in the Cayman Islands. Guest judges were also provided with an opportunity to provide feedback at the end of the presentation. Guest judges included Vane Vasiliev, Systems consultant at KIRKISS; Conrad Britton, Senior Consultant at United Technologies; and Andrew Doussept, IT Manager for the Cayman Islands department of Judiciary Administration.

Registration for the International College Fall Quarter is now open. Classes start on September 30, 2019. This quarters’ seminar will focus on the history, cultural, heritage and political processes of the Cayman Islands. Students will visit all three islands and meet with government officials, visit and learn at historical and cultural sites as well as evaluate and explore opportunities to preserve, and enhance Caymankind for future generations.


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