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Talent, perseverance and belief in yourself

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You probably have some values according to which you take your decisions in life. All of them are important for you. Let’s take three aspects – talent, perseverance and belief in oneself – and try to discuss their importance.

What is more important: talent, perseverance or belief in yourself?

Which myth is the most destructive in our culture? Miles Kimball, professor of the University of Michigan believes that the stereotype number 1 is the belief that some people are born intelligent, others “not so much”.

This stereotype – the fact that some people supposedly have some “gift” and others do not – caused many social pathologies and missed opportunities.

Stereotyping yourself

Here are a couple of examples:

– People who consider themselves not too smart do worse with IQ tests when they know they are being tested, and better – when they think they pass the test anonymously. They also tend to choose simpler working professions and settle in houses that are smaller than they could afford.

– The myth that some people allegedly own an innate talent is strong in the academic sphere. Therefore, there are so few women and people from the province within professors and academicians. For some reason, the belief that a scientist is a white, thin man with glasses is still alive.

– Many people say: “I am bad in math” as a mantra. They repeat it so often that the result is that they are really bad in it.

Meanwhile, the inclination to mathematics exists in the majority of the world’s population, so your task is simply to break this stereotype in yourself.

Every next generation is smarter

People do not understand their past, always imagine a gloomy future and constantly complain that everything around is stupid. They remark stupidity on TV, stupidity on theInternet, stupid people on the streets. And yet, it is scientifically established that in general every next generation of people is smarter than the previous one.

The entire educational system of most countries of the world is built around the idea that some students are smart, and some are stupid. Few people have brilliant minds. Teachers place grades first, and then decide with whom they will work more, and who won’t get their special attention, because “it’s no use”.

If the child showed that he or she is better prepared during his first lessons at school, then the teachers will give him or her much more attention. Only because we think that all children have different potentials. And it’s not always like this.

The famous experiment of Robert Rosenthal, Harvard Professor of Psychology, carried out in 1964, showed that talent does not exist. Students that were selected randomly to participate in the experiment showed a higher level of IQ than those whom the teachers considered “the strongest” students.

Different approaches for different personalities

People believe that some children have higher IQ than the others. But no scientific experiment that tried to prove it, got the desired results.

Have you ever come across people who live in an indecently simple life, although they had “golden hands” or “bright head”? Some of their classmates were more fortunate: they succeeded in life and became “big people”. All due to the fact that it was easier for them to grasp and process new information.

But now psychologists know: some children just need a slightly less rapid pace of training, and they will be able to show brilliant results.

Clay Kirstensen, Professor of Harvard Business School, believes that the Internet, teaching software and virtual education can change the world. Give any person the possibility to choose the pace of training and personal trainer-motivator available online independently, and he or she will be able to learn anything.

Believe in yourself and work a lot

Andres Eriksson, professor of Psychology at the University of Florida, says that success in any business, be it sports, art or academic science, comes to those who train in their field more than others.

As a rule, great success is achieved by those who know what conscious practice is. We all need to be able to concentrate and not to be distracted. So you will need to believe in yourself and to work hard. And for extreme cases of too many assignments at once, you can get help at

When you understand this and start using it in your own interests, then the world will never be the same again for you. Just never say that you have been very talented since childhood.



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