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Cambridge is giving cancer the 3D VR treatment

By Devin Coldewey From TechCrunch It’s always good to hear that scientists are bringing the latest technology to the fight against cancer, but virtual reality doesn’t seem like an obvious addition to the arsenal. Yet it’s VR and 3D visualization…

Gadget of the week

Wireless glove adds touch to VR video games By Matt Brian From engadget While Oculus, Valve, Samsung and HTC are all looking to captialize on the resurgence of VR, their solutions all focus on what we can see and hear….

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Facebook’s 360-degree photos are coming to your News Feed

By Nicole Lee From engadget It’s not just about videos anymore. Back in September, Facebook introduced support for 360-degree videos in your Newsfeed. Soon, that same treatment will apply to photos too. The social network announced today that starting in the…

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VR will let you fly above the planet from the comfort of your couch

By Chelsea Stark And Miriam Kramer Astronauts who have been to space often talk about looking down on the Earth and seeing the blues, greens and browns of the planet stretch out below them. Once they see the planet against…

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Sail: How daredevil Jeb Corliss uses wearable tech to fly like a bird

By Dan Patterson From TechRepublic Last week the wingsuit pilot strapped on a set of wings, jumped out of an airplane, and landed on the Great Wall of China. Here’s how tech helped him train for and survive the harrowing…

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Widerun turns your bike into a virtual reality machine

By Mariella Moon From engadget Some people need extra motivation to exercise, and the creators of this bike trainer called Widerun hope to provide that in the form of virtual reality. Widerun is a system comprised of a steering component…

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Facebook to buy Oculus VR, maker of the Rift headset, for around $2b in cash and stock

By Matthew Panzarino From Tech Crunch Facebook has announced plans to purchase Oculus VR, the company behind the Rift headset, for around $2 billion in cash and stock. This includes $400 million, and 23.1 million Facebook shares. An additional $300…