March 24, 2023

Giant dust particles from the Sahara Desert found in atmosphere in the Caribbean Region

By Vadim Ioan Caraiman From Great Lakes Ledger Giant dust particles scattered around the world could be adding to global warming, warns a UK study released today in Science Advances. The dust droplets from the Sahara desert encountered up to 3,500 kilometers far away in the Caribbean were almost 50 fold bigger than it would […]

Large-scale wind and solar farms in the Sahara would increase heat, rain, vegetation

BY DIANA YATES  | LIFE SCIENCES EDITOR, U. OF I. NEWS BUREAU Using a new climate-modeling approach, U. of I. postdoctoral researcher Yan Li and his colleagues found that a massive wind and solar installation in the Sahara Desert could have beneficial climatic and ecological effects. CHAMPAIGN, Ill. — Wind and solar farms are known to […]

Sahara Desert dust takes Transatlantic trip

By Patrick J. Kiger for Discovery News From Mashable If you’re sneezing right now, the cause may be on the other side of the planet. In late June, winds began blowing what NASA describes as a “river of dust” from Africa across the Atlantic Ocean to North and South America. Because of thermal expansion of […]