February 5, 2023

Great Barrier Reef can survive rising temperatures, according to an expert

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By DAVID WHITLEY From Independent UK Is the Great Barrier Reef doomed? Not according to Richard Fitzpatrick, who’s been monitoring it since 1992 ā€œIā€™d rather go through childbirth.ā€ Marine biologist turned cinematographer Richard Fitzpatrick is recounting his latest war wound; one he can add to his extensive history of shark tail slaps, sea snake bites […]

Australia is hunting for a killer shark that a teenager fired a spear into

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From Business Insider Experts say attacks by sharks are increasing as water sports become more popular Sydney (AFP) – A teenager who escaped a shark attack that killed his friend in western Australia has described how he fired his spear gun into the suspected great white as authorities searched for the animal Tuesday. The victim, […]