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Russia is testing a new drone similar to the CIA’s stealthy RQ-170, and wants to turn it into a sixth-generation fighter

By DANIEL BROWN From Business Insider Russia says that it will turn its new Okhotnik drone, which is about to make its maiden flight, into a sixth-generation aircraft. Popular Mechanics also published a supposed picture above of the Okhotnik, which…

Gadget of the week

One of the best 7 Drones from Popular Mechanics By Don Melanson From Popular Mechanics The era of drones is upon us, but how to you pick the right flyer? For the most part, your options range from tiny, cheap,…

Gadget of the week

Researchers use T-rays to look inside of broken microchips By Sean Buckley From engadget New microscopic terahertz camera can see through solid objects Terahertz radiation, or T-rays, can do some really incredible stuff. It can be used to scan for…