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Des Traynor – Irish elite’s top money manager [he sent millions to Cayman Islands]

By Gareth Morgan From Independent.IE DesS Traynor was the man who managed money for many of Ireland’s most important people – and sent millions offshore to destinations such as the Cayman Islands. He moved money through a complex series of…

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Cayman Islands Constitution Review now published on website

The Cayman Islands 2009 Constitution review was completed last month. The chairman of the review team, David Ritch informed  the governor, the premier, the opposition leader and the joint team leader of the overseas territory directorate in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office,…

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Working as a Marine Biologist on the Cayman Islands

By Peter Sonnenberg From PAC Work as a marine biologist is very rewarding; becoming one requires very hard work, though. To become a marine biologist, one must go through four years of undergraduate education and around two to five years…