April 21, 2021

Working as a Marine Biologist on the Cayman Islands

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cayman-1By Peter Sonnenberg From PAC

Work as a marine biologist is very rewarding; becoming one requires very hard work, though. To become a marine biologist, one must go through four years of undergraduate education and around two to five years of post-graduate education. The good news is that once a person gets a degree in marine biology, they will have many opportunities for work. The reason I am actually writing this post is to talk about the work of some marine biologists in the Cayman Islands. The Cayman Islands offers so many rewarding career opportunities to marine biologists. Hopefully, what I write here will prove helpful to the many aspiring marine biologists out there who want to work in an island setting.

Marine biologists have plenty of opportunities for research on the Cayman Islands. The Cayman Islands boasts of a rich marine life, and this results in the territory being able to offer many opportunities for producing original high quality work in the marine sciences. Many researchers from outside the territory often spend months or even years in the islands doing productive research. One of the best things about doing aquatic research in the country is that is it encouraged by many different organizations all over the world. It is relatively easier to get grants and permission to conduct aquatic research in the Cayman Islands.

Aside from research, there are also plenty of opportunities to teach at educational institutions all over the Cayman Islands. Of course, as a general rule, only those with doctoral degrees can teach at the college levels. Those who only have a master’s degree shouldn’t fret, though. They can still teach at the high school level and even do research/teaching at aquariums all over the islands. Establishments all over the territory that deal with aquatic life such as the ones that operate in Kenneth Dart developments (see: Kenneth Dart) need marine biologists in their employ.

Randy Ortone is a Canadian marine biologist who has been working on the Cayman Islands for six years now. He’s actually made a name for himself as one of the territory’s premier marine biologists. Aside from doing research, he also teaches at the Cayman Islands’ top educational institutions and an aquarium found at a grand cayman shopping centre (see: Grand Cayman shopping centre). “There so much to discover here on the Cayman Islands. Fifty years from now, there will still be a lot left to find out with regard to the territory’s marine ecology. We really need more marine biologists here on the Cayman Islands. I believe that whatever aquatic research we produce here will surely prove helpful to the entire field of marine biology,” Ortone told us.

Hopefully, what I’ve written here will prove helpful to the many students out there who aspire to work as marine biologists in a rich marine setting. The Cayman Islands have a lot to offer to those who would like to do productive research in the marine sciences. Any marine biologist who has a strong record in school will surely have an easy time finding a post in the Cayman Islands. Whether teaching or doing research or even both, marine biologists will surely have a great time in the territory.

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