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Dutch sea search stumbles on ‘oldest’ shipwreck

From BBC It is being hailed as a lucky accident, after salvage teams searching for containers that fell off a ship in a storm discovered a 16th Century shipwreck on the North Sea floor. The ship, dating back to 1540,…

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Marseille puts American cruise ship captain on trial over pollution

From The Local Fr. In a first for France the American captain of a giant cruise ship goes on trial in Marseille on Monday on pollution charges as the Mediterranean port city grapples with the rise in smog caused by…

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China could be the sponge to soak up the world’s oil oversupply

By Colin Chilcoat, From Business Insider Discerning market pessimism from fundamental-based movements can be difficult, especially with all the moving oil has done in the last year plus. And to be sure, both have played significant roles to date….

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Mediterranean anchovies caught in North Sea at Walton Pier

From BBC Anchovies are normally seen in shoals in the Mediterranean or other warm seas Shoals of fish that normally inhabit warm Mediterranean waters have been seen swimming in the North Sea off the Essex coast. Angler Richard Holgate, who…

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Seals use offshore wind farms as hunting grounds

By Charles Q. Choi, Live Science Contributor From Mashable Offshore wind farms may become seal hunting grounds, new research shows. As the number of offshore wind farms continues to grow, the farms may affect both seals and their prey, the…

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Oil boss urges overhaul of Brent oil price benchmark

By Jamie Robertson From BBC World News A growing number of experts are saying a wider range of crude oil types should be introduced to form a truer benchmark than Brent has become The head of the world’s largest oil…

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Caribbean Music Festivals Draw Big Name Acts

By Brian Major From Travel Pulse PHOTO: Musician Bruno Mars will headline the Curacao North Sea Jazz Festival in August. (Splash News, There’s only one sure way to improve on the Caribbean’s beautiful blue waters, sunny skies and wonderfully…

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Super Puma fatal accident inquiry: Helicopter ‘fell like a torpedo’

From BBC All 16 helicopter crash victims  All 16 men on board the Super Puma died when it crashed into the North Sea A seaman who saw a helicopter crash “like a torpedo”, killing 16 men, has told a fatal…